100 Days of Happiness: Day 57-Day 68

Day 57 – 9/8/14

Spent the evening with my family, which I need to do more often.

Day 58 – 9/9/14

Tried, and finished half of, the Barre Amped Boot Camp workout! O.M.G. Seriously. This was so good. I thought it would be given the “Boot Camp” part of the title but I didn’t expect it to actually be enjoyable while painful.

Day 59 – 9/10/14

Ryan’s Birthday—our fourth time celebrating this incredibly important day. If anything, just for me as this was the day the love of my life was born.

Day 60 – 9/11/14

9/11 is usually quite an emotional day for me. I may, or may not, get into details at a later date but I took the day off and spent it all day at home only leaving to drop Penny off to get groomed. Her transformation was lovely, but I truly love the way she looks in her hairiest state.

Day 61 – 9/12/14

Ryan came back from his business trip!

Day 62 – 9/13/14

Picked up tickets to the Grapes and Hops Festival. Mmmmm…grapes and wine and cheese - oh my! 

Day 63 – 9/14/14

Spent all day with Ryan.  

Day 64 – 9/15/14

Ryan actually came home in the evening after work. Gosh, I missed that last week. Interesting how these little details go unnoticed when they are a norm.

Day 65 – 9/16/14

Ordered The Fault in Our Stars on DVD! I’m in love with the book and am sooooooooo looking forward to watching the movie.

Day 66 – 9/17/14

Had to leave early morning to finish a big project at work. While quite a long day, it was that much more special to pick Penny up in the evening. It’s just so wonderful to see her little face light up every evening.

Day 67 – 9/18/14

This was a full day of work—2 in a row baby! Yes, yesterday was quite long and productive, but I enjoyed it. Honestly, The Fault in Our Stars has really had an effect on my perspective on life…and work. It’s been wonderful listening to the audio book.

Day 68 – 9/19/14

Went to the Springs Preserve—ran out of battery, hence no pictures were taken—but it was such a lovely day. It was hard not to enjoy it all.