10 things I wish I would have packed on our trip to Napa…

It’s my fault, and no one else’s! Let’s just get this out of the way. Ryan packed the day before our departure flight. I packed the morning of—I know, I know. What was I thinking!? Well…I was thinking, it is only a few days. I won’t need all that much, and whatever I need I’ll just grab really quickly in the morning. Well, I was wrong. Among the many things I wanted to pack, and forgot to, these were my forgotten essentials…

#1—Dry Hair Shampoo

OMG—when you live in a dry climate, and you don’t travel very often, you forget that humidity—while refreshing—can really take a toll on one’s beauty regimen, specifically one’s hair. It seemed as if though as soon as we got off the plain, my scalp became an oily mess.

#2—Lens Whips

Again, humidity—and Penny’s kisses—didn’t work well with my glasses.

#3—Makeup Remover

I usually use oil cleansers. The one I’m currently using doesn’t have a locking mechanism so I didn’t pack it out of fear that it would get all over the place. As I was rationalizing why I shouldn’t pack it, I thought, ”Hmm, I’ll just use soap! It’s only a few days after all.” What was I thinking!! It was an awful wakeup call to realize soap isn’t as amazing as I’d remembered pre using makeup remover cleansers.

#4—Hair Brush

Yes! Can you believe it!? I was in awe over this minor forgotten detail. Wind + humidity + Naturally Wavy Hair = Disastrous Hair!


For someone that gets cold super easily, and as someone who prides herself in always being prepared by carrying a sweater—while I do live in sweaty-Vegas, the i in the smoldering heat of Las Vegas—you’d think she’d be prepared. Well, no, and again…it’s all due to the fact that I am a bit of a procrastinator. Aren’t we all!? At least a little?

#6—Tummy Stabilizer (Constipation/Probiotics)

I really don’t want to get into this one…

#7—Body Wash

I was expecting to have the hotel provide us some samples…I was expecting too much.

#8—Nail File

Hang nails can drive you crazy if not properly addressed—as can having to deal with the situation where you nervously bite at you nails then have to deal with the consequences of uneven, grows looking nails.

#9—Small Purse

For my purse I used my “Felicity” backpack. I purchased it back when I was really into watching the series. (I own all of them by the way! She’s lovely.) Unfortunately, it’s not the comfiest. It lacks proper shoulder straps, which isn’t a big deal when you only carry it for an hour or so, but when it’s more like a full time job, that’s when it starts to weigh on you.


I packed sunscreen—but my head wasn’t quite as protected. Have you ever had sunburn on your head? It’s itchy.

Next time, I'll write a list.

Ever had one of these days, where if your head weren't attached to your body you would have forgotten it as well?