100 Days of Happiness: Days 11 through 20

7/24/14—Day 11

 Dry shampooing Penny—she smells and looks so fresh afterwards. I use Burt’s  Bees Deodorizing Waterless Shampoo Spray.  I’m always amazed at how much she  lets me do to her—cover her entire body with cold spray, clean her ears with an ear  wipe, brush her teeth with a little foam brush, & clean her eyes with another wipe.

7/25/14—Day 12

Started reading a really inspiring book—Do the Work by Steven Pressfield. I think this is a great read for anyone who’s having trouble getting around to doing what they need to in order to achieve their goals. Book review to come!

7/26/14—Day 13

Cleaning our home from head to toe then enjoying a good cup of wine with lunch—just lovely! The cleaning part isn’t as lovely as the results.

7/27/14—Day 14

Having an intimate conversation with Ryan about our future. It lead to a sense of relief and hope that we truly can last forever.

7/28/14—Day 15

Requesting and getting approval for half a day off on my birthday, and more importantly for a few days in late August where Ryan and I will finally visit Napa California and choose our wedding venue!

7/29/14—Day 16

Ryan gave me one of my presents early as his uncle’s birthday is the same as mine. His was his 50th. It was this photography course from National Geographic.

7/30/14—Day 17

My big day was amazing!! It started with a lovely walk/jog with Penny in the morning. At work I was pleasantly surprised with a few genuine birthday wishes from esteemed coworkers; a lovely lunch at Zine; a surprise phone call from one of my bosses and his admin where they sang Happy Birthday to me; a darling mariachi e-card followed their call –it just made me feel so happy. At home Ryan gave me the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever received—a love letter. I love it so much I just may put this sort of thing on the top of my wish list for every gift giving event.

7/31/14—Day 18

            I got a good grasp on Instagram! I just love enjoying a good Ah-Ha! moment.

8/1/14—Day 19

Purchased #GirlBoss—quite excited to read it after reading this post on the blog A Beautiful Messes

8/2/14—Day 20

Enjoying a belated birthday dinner at Juan’s Flaming Fajitas and Cantina. If you ever visit Vegas—you NEED to visit this restaurant! The portions are substantial, to say the least, management and employees are all so lovely—and most importantly, EVERYTHING is so tasty!!

How was your week!?