3 tips for my 17-year-old self

1—Be cautious of hoarding tendencies.

Easier said than done. I love fashion and jewelry and makeup; as such, I find it really hard to let go of any of them; when I do, I truly celebrate. Moving in with my fiancé has been therapeutic, to say the least, as has been reading Miss Minimalist’s blog.  She’s has a lovely voice and 2 great books. I only own one of them, a collection of her blog posts, it only cost $.99 but it is filled with priceless information I think anyone of any age would find helpful and entertaining.

2—Don’t take rides from strangers!

Like Jewel, my favorite singer songwriter, I took one too many rides from strangers. The palms of my hands and my feet still sweat a little when I think about the danger I put myself in—all because I didn’t want to take the bus.

3—Follow your heart.

When your heart is guiding you in all sorts of different directions, it is really heard to focus and listen. Mine was screaming at me my senior year. It was telling me that I should hold off on making big decisions. I didn’t listen very well most of the time. Less resistance may have been more helpful.

What are a few pieces of advice you wish you’d followed?