Pros and Cons of a Home Workout vs. a Gym Workout

I’ve had a gym membership for many years now, and just recently I’ve changed my ways to accommodate a needy puppy—needy of affection. She misbehaves and becomes quite anxious when left alone hence I now arrange my scheduled around whoever’s home. With that said, I haven't managed to go to the gym since she’s joined the family—which was February of this year. In response, I’ve had to learn to love working-out at home & going on jogs with her (These are always a challenge as these are more like sprints and sniffing sessions than jogs.)

The learning curve has been a bit of a steep slope for me given that I LOVE going to the gym—I love the atmosphere. I love the energy. (I kind of feed off of other’s energy and competitive spirit). I also love that there are soooo many equipment options; I love the sauna; I kind of enjoy the steam room; and I especially LOVE the variety of exercise class options.

Given that there are so many facets to love about the gym, finding inspiration to workout at home has been a bit challenging, but I’ve managed. To help me along I developed a pros and cons list for both the gym and home workouts. Here they are:

Pros & Cons of Workingout at Home


·         The flexibility of being able workoutwhenever!

·        Grunting without feeling self-conscious (Yes…I grunt…and not very daintily.)

·        Affordable classes—by way of home videos

·         No pressure to look good—or rather having the option of looking as good as you want

·        Staying home with Penny


·         Time—sometimes having too much flexibility is a bad thing because you end up putting it off, and putting it off, and finally never getting around to it.

·         My grunting is heard by Ryan & that makes me feel a bit self-conscious

·         Allergies! Running outside in the morning when the air is most fragrant and filled of pollen really does wonders for my allergies.

·         Cost of buying equipment and storing it. My first dumbbell set purchase was a bit of a shock to me—they cost me ~$30 and were originally pried at $70—that’s crazy! The original price is almost as much as a full year gym membership at my gym. Once it arrived I realized that these were always in the way and making them blend in anywhere was nearly impossible. Now, I prefer them to be stored away—out of sight out of mind sort of thing.

·         It’s easy not to finish a home workout video…URGH!! This annoys me to no end about myself. I get to a point of serious shaking or pain and my motivation to finish declines substantially. (Anyone have any suggestions for overcoming such notions. 

Pros & Cons of Using a Gym


·        Las Vegas Athletic Club is my gym and it is open 24/7—so it’s quite convenient

·         I just love picking up a morning milkshake on my way home after a long run—an option I don’t usually go for at home.

·        Equipment readily available--no need to purchase or put it away!!

·         Motivation from others


·         Gas—trips back and forth cost a bit of money considering how far it is from our home.

·         Time – it’s about 15 to 20 mins to every available option. When you'er strapped for time every little bit matters.

·         Time away from Penny


While it may seem that I am opposed to working-out at home, when I weigh the importance of each item on each list, the cons of using a gym are much more discouraging to me than staying at home and resisting the urge to turn off a workout video.

What motivates you to workout? Where do you prefer to workout?

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