A Penny A Day #1: Enriching Blogs/Videos/Content

Now that the 100 Day’s of Happiness series is over, I wanted to continue the habit of focusing on positive aspects of my life, but this time in the form of links to blogs/articles/videos that I’ve either found inspiring, happy, entertaining, useful—you get my drift. I want, in a way, to give back to those that have brightened my day with an especially good post by sharing it with you guys, and this time this series is to be continued indefinitely. I already share many of these articles on my Twitter account, but sometimes I come across a really special piece that I just don’t think gets enough of a highlight. There is so much inspiration out there; talent that should be provided a special spotlight but given the magnitude of content out there, it just seems to be a bit muffled at times.

As for the title of the series, it’s inspired by a financial theory that basically says that if you save a penny a day and invest it, you’ll become much richer over time (of course it’s all dependent on interest rates, the frequency at which it is compounded, ect. but let’s not get too technical). This theory can easily translate into literary/content driven enrichment which is where I’m taking this post. 

Here are a few of the posts I found especially enriching this week:

1.      How to Freeze Eggs” brought to us by  Leah from Fabulous Farm Girl

Seriously, I never thought to freeze eggs, much less in muffin tins or ice cube trays. I really enjoyed it. 

2.      Become a Master of YouTube Yourself Today" by Jess at WebJess.com 

Loved this post. Jess is really great at breaking the techie/social stuff down for me and I think she may do the same for you.

3.      Fashion: Stradivarius From Head To Toe #OOT in London" by Caz at Lunch Break Adventures 

Caz is a total babe. In this post she rocks a lovely classic fall look while in London! 

4.      How Pinterest Changed my Life Forever" by Cajun at Blooming in Bedlam

I truly love Pinterest for deriving inspiration or just looking at cute puppies. I sometimes—a lot of the time—forget to pin my own images…a true shame. I should know better. Reading blogs like these always help motivate me.

5.      28 Faces Every Dog Owner Will Recognize" by Chelsea Marshal on BuzzFeed  

Any puppy lover would appreciate this post as it is soooo cute!! Personally, I've seen a few of these faces from Penny...a few times. Just to give you an idea, my shoe collection is now 15+ shoes less interesting. 

Admittedly, there are quite a few more but I now just can’t find them or think of how to find them—sorry.

Let me know if there are any posts around that you found particularly enriching!

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