INSPIRATION FROM THE BOOK I Could Chew on This ~ And Other Poems by Dogs

A few months ago I purchased the e-version of the book I Could Chew on This: And Other Poems by Dogs written by Francesco Marciuliano. It is absolutely darling! It is a compilation of poems from a dog’s point of view. The author has also written a similar compilation of poems from a cat’s point of view, which hopefully will make its way to my collection as I do love a book filled of adorable pictures of cute little cats. It is titled I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats. If I weren’t as allergic to cats as I am, I think Penny would have had the pleasure of such a companion months ago as Ryan absolutely loves cats. One of the many things I worry about when it comes to Penny, is that she is lonely and not quite as happy as I’d hope. Sometimes we have to leave her home alone for quite a while; unfortunately she is not one to enjoy alone time as she usually misbehaves during these intervals.

Anyway, while reading this book, it got me thinking, if Penny could talk, what would she say? Well, if I had to guess, I think it would go something like this:

It’s morning time!!!

Mommy, I need to go potty. Get up Mommy! Get up!!

You’re socks?! Give me your socks!

Oh, they’re clean…here you can have them.


Finally outside!!

This harness is so uncomfortable…why do I have to wear it?

Is that a cat! Let's go sniff him Mommy—let me go see him!

No, wait. I need to go potty! Hurry up Mommy!! Come on, run with me!!


Daddy!! We’re home!!

I did all my good-girls and Mommy managed to kind of keep up with me.

Daddy, could you talk to Mommy?

She never lets me sniff any friendly puppies or cats…she can be so over protective sometimes!


Mommy, Daddy, I love you—are you leaving?

You sure are wearing a lot of UNLV gear…

Before you leave rub my belly—better yet don’t go!

You’re still leaving?

You don’t listen—you never listen…I’ll show you!!

Where are your favorite shoes!? That’ll teach you!!


Mommy-Daddy!! You’re home!!

Mommy-Daddy, I’ve been a good girl sitting here on my perch.

You’re shoes? The coffee table?—I don’t know what happened to them!

Here—rub my belly. That always makes you feel better.

Ahhh…yeah…that’s the good stuff. I knew that’d make it all better.

Mommy, I love you…so much…please don’t leave me again.


X’s & O’s


If you have a puppy, cat, mouse or rabbit what do you think it’d say?

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