Review of Lush Liquid Lipsticks: Strong & Ambition

Hi everyone!! I did a bit of shopping at Lush a few weeks ago—a special thanks to my little sister as without her, I would have spent quite a lot more (#YayForDiscounts). Among the many goodies I picked up as gifts for others, I did splurge on a set of liquid lipsticks for myself—Ambition & Strong. (Question: How many gifts did you purchase for yourself this holiday season? :) )

I didn’t actually pick them out; my sister did as she knows that I love a good red lip. Initially, just by looking at the bottles, I couldn’t tell much of a difference between them but once I took a closer look it was evident that they were definitely two distinct tints of red. A word of caution about these—a little really goes a long way as fare as pigmentation goes! To apply them, because they are really rich in color, I dab a little on my lips then use a finger to evenly distribute the color. Yes, it’s a little messy but that’s just my preference as I like a subtle hint of color for day ware.

LUSH Liquid Lipsticks Swatches

Lush notes:

Our liquid lipsticks have a jojoba oil, rose wax and candelilla wax base to soften dry lips, but also happen to carry the color pigments incredibly well. This means your color can be adjusted to however bold you like to wear it, and will stay put all day long

LUSH Liquid Lipstick - Strong

Strong offers a predominantly orange undertone and it is definitely my favorite.

Ingredients: Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis) , Candelilla Wax (Euphorbia cerifera) , Rose Wax (Rosa damascena) ,Titanium Dioxide , D&C Red No. 21 , D&C Red No. 36, D&C Yellow No. 5 Aluminium Lake , D&C Yellow No. 6 Aluminium Lake , D&C Red No. 30 Talc Lake

LUSH Liquid Lipstick - Ambition

Ambition has lovely blue undertones and has a bit of a stronger waxy after taste.

Ingredients: Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis) , Candelilla Wax (Euphorbia cerifera) , Rose Wax (Rosa damascena) ,Talc , Synthetic Fluorphlogopite , Titanium Dioxide ,D&C Red No. 21 , D&C Red No. 36 , D&C Yellow No. 5 Aluminium Lake , D&C Red No. 6 , D&C Red No. 27 Aluminium Lake

Both offer great lasting power and leave a lovely stain on the lips which lasts all day and is very similar in color to the original application. On the down side, both start off tasting a bit waxy. It isn’t something overpowering but it is noticeable.



1.      Cruelty free

2.      Vegan makeup

3.      Long lasting

4.      Rich opaque application


1.      Taste of wax

2.      Bleeding

Have you tried liquid lipsticks from Lush? Did you like them? Did yours have that waxy aftertaste?

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