2015 New Year’s Resolutions

My New Year's Resolutions for 2015

Have you created some resolutions for 2015? I have with a bit of hesitation. I didn’t make any for 2014 other then to try to pay off my student loans. I did so quite successfully but I feel at a loss for not challenging myself a bit more. While many see resolutions as a way of setting yourself up for failure and disillusionment (myself included to some degree), I think that if one is truly committed and not afraid of holding themselves accountable for tracking their progress, it is possible to come out with a great sense of accomplishment—and I really believe that and that is why I am posting this blog. It’s my own way of holding myself accountable. 

Here are a few resources I found quite insightful and inspirational in case you too are looking to set your own goals in 2015:

1.      Goal Setting *Successfully* (Infographic)

2.      9 tips to increase your focus for getting things done (Infographic)

3.      Positive Coaching (Infographic)

4.      The Learning Journey (Drawing)

A few, not too personal, resolutions for 2015

1 – Living Minimally

Earlier this year I stumbled upon a book by Francine Jay titled Miss Minimalist: Inspiration to Downsize, Declutter, and Simplify. It was Amazon’s recommendation that I look into it and let me tell you—Amazon was right! I loved it. I’m not 100% sold on her idea of living minimally but I am on board with the idea of living with as few worldly possessions as is manageable for one’s lifestyle. As I reread that sentence I feel like I’m contradicting myself so let me explain. I think I can definitely do with less of what I have, some of which includes old college text books, items I’ve not worn in years or that have been substantially worn, and home décor that I don’t particularly fancy anymore. One of the key pieces of advice that Francine provides is that by making a point of keeping ones possessions to a minimum one is liberated from maintaining them; lugging them around every time you move; and to some degree less “stuff” equals less stress. I have been trying to implement some of her suggestions since first reading her book, but to this point I’ve only taken baby steps. I hope to really take strides in 2015, but first I need a plan, but that’ll have to be another blog post else I’ll keep you here for ages.

2- Improving my photography skills

For my birthday Ryan bought me the Fundamentals of Photography Course from The Great Courses. Thankfully this isn’t a course that has to be taken within a certain period of time as I’ve yet to touch it unfortunately. I love that he bought it for me as it really showed me that he fully supported my decisions and my hobby!

 Going forward I plan to spend at least 2 hours per week studying this course, it sounds like a little but that is only the amount of time I plan on reading and watching the course not the actual taking of pictures for the blog.

3 - Run more frequently

Penny is my motivation for this one as every morning when she needs to go potty she pulls me insistently to her place of relief. We don’t run very far before we stop hence it’ll be up to me to take it up a notch. I used to run quite frequently but not so much anymore. The thing is my little running buddy doesn’t enjoy running continuously as much as I do. She loves to run and sniff which makes me quite anxious as she pulls me to an abrupt stop every time we run past a scent of interest. For the last month I’ve been working on my patience with her and as a result we’ve been running longer distances with her.  

4 - Read & listen to more books

I love to read before going to bed and while on a break. It sparks my imagination and it livens my view on the world as most of the books I read are light and airy. While I don’t like dark reads as much, I do like to listen to them via Audible on my way into work. This works for me as someone else guiding me through the book allows me to get through it much faster than I otherwise would on my own.

5 - Wash my car bimonthly

It may sound crazy to you that I have to include this in my list of resolutions but, yes, I really do as my car was washed less then I’d care to admit in 2014. For one thing it was in the shop quite a lot, and with any luck that won’t be the case as often in 2015.

6 - Plan at least 5 events

Hopefully I’m low-balling it here as I really want to plan a few more than just five—and my wedding doesn’t count.  

7 - Stick to a blogging schedule

I really want to blog more frequently and consistently in 2015. Not only do I enjoy it quite a lot, but I also find that it allows me to relax and explore my creative side which I find incredibly fulfilling.

8 - Save a bit more

I have a sum in mind but I really don’t want to disclose it as it is quite personal. I am hopeful that my first goal will help me along with this one as saving more will permit me to work on a few other personal goals.

9 - Load at least 2 YouTube videos per month

I’ve very much enjoyed venturing into the world of YouTube. My biggest challenge has been editing my videos as I find it a bit confusing. I’ve been so tempted to just post a video unedited but that would make for 20 min long videos—and who has time to watch stuff like that other than me!? Apparently, not too many people as most advise to stick to 5-8 min videos and so far I’ve failed on most accounts as two of my videos have been +9 minutes long.

10 - Transition to using only cruelty free beauty products

I signed up to Petit Vour earlier this year and have absolutely been blown away with the great quality and vast range of products available on the market. The transition will be slow given but I'm really looking forward to this undertaking and also sharing my findings here.  

Notably, these aren’t exactly SMART Goals. My intent here was to share a bit of what I’ll be working on in 2015 and hopefully provide you a bit of insight as to what I’ll be working on going forward.

What are some of your goals for 2015? 

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