My Month on Instagram #2//November 2014

Hi everyone!! I hope you’ve all had an amazing week! Happy Friday!!

In putting together this post I realized that it’s been quite the month on the home front:

1.      Curtains are up in my cloffice—closet + office!

They are nothing special hence I didn’t take a pict—but they make such a big difference.

2.      We have a new faucet in the kitchen.

It’s had a few glitches since before I moved in (October/November of 2013), hence it’s about time.

3.      We replaced our broken oven!

Helloooo baking!!

We bought it during Black Friday and it’s just been installed—pict of this handsome piece is soon to come!

4.      Christmas is in full swing!

IG used to annoy me quite a bit but now I find it so much more enjoyable! I don’t know about you, but many a time I found myself over-cropping picts. The recent change has provided me with more control over what and how I post my images. It makes me soooo happy! Did anyone else have this problem?

Anyway, here’s a quick recap:


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