1st Post: Start-up Haul

Hello everyone! I am truly honored that you’ve decided to spend a little bit of time on my blog—and my first post ever! (I promise that my introductions will not be as long going forward but this is truly a momentous occasion for me.) 

Today, I’d like to cover my startup haul, which I find quite exhilarating! (Surprisingly, spending my well earned money came quit easy to me I must admit; hopefully it’s because I will truly make the most of my investment.)

As I am a novice at virtually all things social media related, I had to start by creating all of these lovely accounts—yet again. I’ve created numerous others with prior email addresses; most were created in response to the need of divesting myself of an overwhelming amount of mail in my inboxes. Now-a-days there are companies such as Unroll.me that help clean out subscriptions, which I completely plan to use if my inbox becomes overwhelming once again. While I’m committed to my new accounts for the long haul, starting out with a clean slate feels so refreshing!

I have purchased quite a bit of odds and ends to begin with and the following are amongst the most exciting to me:

1.      Domain Name: www.vivaciouseventslv.com

2.      Squarespace 6 account—website hosting

3.      Canon Rebel T3i SLR Digital Camera

4.      Canon EOS Rebel T3i SLR Digital Camera for Dummies—in color!!

5.      Franklin Planner

I actually purchased my domain name years ago as I knew I’d like to work on event planning after finishing my undergrad degree. Considering how busy I was at the time I was certain I would sit on it for some time and didn’t think it necessary to pursue the purchase. Katie, a dear friend of mine with whom I shared my future plans with prompted me to jump on it and buy the domain name. Upon searching for the name I initially wanted, I realize she had provided me with great advice as it had already been taken. I’d initially hoped for: www.vivaciousevents.com. In hindsight, I really love the addition of the “lv” at the end as it stands for Las Vegas—my favorite city in the world, where I reside, and where I hope to raise my family.

I chose to use Squarespace initially because it is highly promoted on Pandora Radio but ultimately on account of Jeremy Wong’s thorough review. He is a reviewer at Website Builder Expert and graciously provides a 10% off coupon code within his review.

Lily, from blog Lily Pebbles, and Ana, from the blog Vivian Does Makeup, did a series of videos about blogging and vlogging at the beginning of the year which were quite motivating. Within their videos they not only provide tips and tricks but also personal recommendations for equipment to purchase. They highly recommended the Canon EOS 600D. I bought the Canon EOS Rebel T3i instead. It is the same camera, named differently for the U.S. market. Why...I don't know...we may be more found of rebel's...I don't know. I also found a wonderful YouTube Channel, Media Unlocked, that provides tutorials on the camera. 

Considering that I’ve never owned an SLR Camera, I also purchased the how to guide from the “for Dummies” series and am very pleased with it so far. Not only is it affordable but it is also an easy read. The pages are packed with wonderful images and explanations which have really helped me. Armed with this lovely book, I am confident my new camera and I will be intimately connected in no time.  

My Franklin Planner is amazing! I chose the 2 page per day format which is perfect for my needs. It not only has room for daily appointments but it also has lots of space for daily to-do lists—or even shopping lists! I previously used my student planner where 2 pages were dedicated on a per week basis. Creating daily to do lists on the planner was a messy option…

This concludes my first post. I look forward to posting a more thorough review of each product within the next few months as I become more familiar with them. Again, thank you all for stopping by. I am truly appreciative of your time.

Have a lovely day!!