Characteristics of Successful Garage Sales (Part 1 of 3)

These are the characteristics I notice among the homes that were the busiest:

1.    Ambiance

Of the 6 sales we visited only two had background music, which was quite nice as it made for a pleasant browsing experience.

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel a bit awkward when there isn't some sort of background noise—even if it’s the sound of people talking. I think I have a slight fear of the complete silence and I think it has to do with all the horror movies I made myself watch as a little girl but silence makes me uneasy. A little bit of background music was a pleasant touch.

2.   Shade

This could be lumped into ambiance but it is really a necessity when your house receives a great deal of sun in the later part of the day. For example in Las Vegas, this would include south facing homes or yards. Deliberately providing shade, even if provided in a small amount—and placing it in a noticeable site—could make a big difference for drive-by shoppers who are looking for great affordable finds in a comfortable setting.

 3.   Clear signage leading up to the house

Yard sale signage doesn't need to be boring—but it should be clear, well-coordinated and well secured to the platform where they are being displayed. A bright piece of construction paper with an arrow pointing towards the inside of a residential street is a bit unclear. It could mean a number of things—I.E. “This way to bridal shower!” While it seems redundant, noting “Garage Sale” or “Yard Sale” on each of your signs provides guest with clear direction towards your home.

We visited a sale where a varied format for signage was used—bright pink, yellow & red boards were used with both hand writing and with block lettering. As we were leading up to the sale, we found that there were two sales in different cul-de-sacs, each on opposite ends of each other. We only visited one sale but I was at a loss when trying to determine whose signs we ultimately followed. I should emphasize that their signs were lovely; they just didn't clearly identify which sale to follow.

I think varying the designs of the signs without creating confusion is possible—and a great idea! To successfully execute this format a set of guidelines should be established and carried out in each design—IE same color scheme & lettering.

Do you have any ideas for coordinating signage for a yard sale? Let me know!