Characteristics of Successful Garage Sales (Part 2 of 3)

1.      Be Welcoming!

This is a toughie as I am completely aware of the differences between extroverts and introverts, early birds and night owls.

So, while we all have our unique personality traits, we need to mentally prepare for the big day!  We need to challenge ourselves to make sure we provide a pleasant experience to all involved—even if they don’t look like they will purchase anything but instead just take pictures and leave. (I’m referring to the kind of shopper I must have made myself out to be this past weekend.) If getting into the right mindset on the day of the sale is too challenging we should look to someone else to act as the host—maybe a bubbly someone special in your life.

2.      Clear walking paths

I found that when everything was on the ground—books, toys, picture frames—items looked less alluring—less like treasures. Whenever possible these items should be lifted up off the floor and onto a table—even if the table they are on is up for sale. Floor displays should be a last resort and out of the way of a distracted buyer.

3.      Organized displays

As a buyer, you just don’t know what goodies you’ll find when embarking on a yard sale adventure. Honestly, I didn’t expect to find as many goodies as I found, but this was in large part due to how carefully they were displayed. A lovely piece of furniture can easily go unnoticed if presented as an afterthought. I was reminded of the importance of the 3 P’s—product, placement and price—during this adventure, and of how truly vital it is to understand their importance and synergy.

Did I miss anything!? Let me know! I would love to make edits to part 3 of this series.