Usability Review:

To begin our yard sale journey I consulted Google to derive direction. It was imperative that we make the most of our time and not roam around aimlessly as we have a wonderful little girl with whom we love spending most of our spare time with. Her picture is above. He name is Penny.

Google was incredibly helpful—as always. The first option rendered was—a search engine that identifies “…yard sales, garage sales, & estate sales in your area by viewing a map.” The second was In this post I will review usability of


Given a slight time constraint, I worked with the first option for this trip, I found it incredibly helpful! First of all, I didn’t even know that such a website even existed. I thought I’d have to resort to more traditional methods such as newspaper ads or a search. Unlike, this website identifies exact locations on one map—yes, one webpage! It also has an option to add locations you’re interested in to a “Trip Planner” function. This function maps out a trip for the ideal locations you’ve identified in the order in which you chose them—initially. If in a rush you'll realize that the  order renders may not be the ideal order, as you may be left with a trip that simply wouldn’t make for a logical ride. This happened to me as I was browsing sales. I was looking for a community yard sale; a sale that provided a collection antiques; a sale that featured arts and crafts and anything that seemed interesting nearby. Given my criteria I provided with a map that looked like this:

Had I not been constrained for time, I would have realized that by clicking on the left hand rectangular icon, I could drag each selection to an order that made more sense.

While this discovery was refreshing, I do think could do a better job at identifying it. 

All-in-all my experience using this website was enjoyable. Mainly because I rarely felt lost (Yes, “rarely” as the maps provided were quite small and that is all I used to navigate.  Given that I’ve lived in Vegas for so long I fancy myself an expert-area-navigator—but alas I am not. Luckily, Ryan is quite a pro as he cycles and is truly well acquainted with all of Las Vegas.)


~ SUMMARY of ~


·         User friendly

·         Trip planner function

·         Free to use for sellers & buyers


·         Soooo much advertising space!

·    Rectangular icon on left hand side of each sale selected is hard to identify

·         Printed maps are very small


Have you made use of this website--or other websites of this nature?! I found another I was quite taken by. It is and I plan to also review ithopefully tomorrow but for certain on Sunday. 

Thank you so much for your time!