Yardsalesearch.com vs. Gsalr.com

Yardsalesearch.com vs. Gsalr.com

Yardsalesearch.com noted in their about section that they are the world’s largest site for garage sale ads. They have copy rights from 1998 through 2014 so I don’t doubt that they’re right.

They’re website is lovely—very visually pleasing for someone like me & they have a great webpage layout. Unlike Gslar.com, their header includes navigation links which clearly identify where to go to find yard sales, post a yard sale, a link to “101 Tips for a Successful Garage Sale” &—their blog! I loved the navigation links—especially the fact that the blog was clearly identified as making visitors scroll down is Gsalr.com preferred method of identifying theirs—too bad they didn’t have very much content. Don’t get me wrong—I found the 101 tip article to be pure gold, but when that’s all the content on this link disappointment ensues. Their blog has 4 postings, one post links back to their golden article the other three are studies relating to garage sales. Considering that they’ve been around since 1998, they should consider retitling this link or they should work a bit harder on making it an actual blog.

As with Gsalr.com, I mapped a set of yard sales of interest & printed my copy. Once ready I went to “My List” & was provided with a simple map—which personally usually works better for me than turn-by-turn directions. Given the format, the need to arrange selections in order was not necessary. Like Gsalr.com, I found the map to be on the small side as it’s placed on one zoomed out rectangle.  

Overall, it’s a great site—but, I’m still more impressed with Gsalr.com. They invest quite a lot of work into their site & they have an AMAZING blog! Jen Udan frequently posts & has written a series of incredibly engaging articles. They include:

·         6 Top Apps for Pricing Items & Selling Online

·         5 Guides for Using & Repurposing Your Garage Sale Finds

·         Infographic: Garage Sales Statistics & History

·         5 Must-Follow YouTube Channels for Yard Sale Flipping Success

~ Yardsalesearch.com Summary ~


·         Great web page layout


·         Small map

·         Misleading navigation links

Have you used either of these sites—or any others? I’d love to expand my reach. Let me know!