has a brand new look!

Indeed!’s recent updates provide a substantially better user experience. They were kind enough to review my previous usability review and advised of these updates.


They are not paying me for this review. I am doing it for you!

New Homepage

Improved features

#1 - Drag & Drop Feature

The one item that really stood out to me is their new and IMPROVED drag-and-drop feature!! Woot-woot!! This was the one item I really struggled with previously.



#2 – More search options

They now not only offer the map but they also offer a list view and photo view.

Previously browsing sales by photos was an option but the presentation wasn’t quite clear enough. (Honestly, I only noticed it recently when comparing and contrasting previous screenshots.)


#1 – Trip Planner Function

One word—FAB!

I love that they now also offer these litter gems:

·         Note Feature

·         Finding new sales

·         Review driving directions

·         Print directions

#2 –Top Menu - Focuses on Priorities

I’m a blogger—as such, I am biased and would like to see a tab to the blog be include in their menu, as I previously mentioned in my first review. With that said, I am not an expert on growth hacking—slowly getting there but not there yet. Shortly after writing my first review I stumbled upon a post titled “Put Website Conversations Back on the Menu” by Peter Borden on Sum All where he basically says—Jessica, you’re clueless.

“Most online businesses are like a restaurant whose success is judged by how much chicken is sold. That same restaurant offers steak, sushi, burgers, and duck. Yet, they’re surprised when the percentage of people that order chicken is low. Want them to order chicken? Only serve chicken! Take everything else off the menu.

With that said, is focusing on its priorities successfully.

Let me know if you’ve also found their improvements useful!