100 Days of Happiness: Day 29-35

8/11/14—Day 29

Booked air for our upcoming trip to Napa!!--where we’ll get married, hopefully, next April!!

8/12/14—Day 30

Booked the car, hotel and three venue appointments for our trip to Napa!

8/13/14—Day 31

Found 2 inspiring pieces:

Blog post: 5 Things I wish I could tell my younger self by Vanessa Alexandra

YouTube video: Acceptance in the face of adversity by Ashley Cooper

8/14/14—Day 32

Made a lovely pasta dinner!

8/15/14—Day 33

Celebrated Ryan’s last day as a UNLV student

8/16/14—Day 34

Spent all day at home with Penny, working on the blog and doing chores. We didn’t go anywhere. It was absolutely magical!

8/17/14—Day 35

Enjoyed brunch with one of my all-time best friends in the world. She and I had so much to talk about—it was heavily wedding related as that’s all I presently have on my mind as you can imagine.

How was your week!?