Me Time Tag!

Me Time Tag

My lovely friend Caz from Lunch Break Adventures tagged me for the Me-Time Tag. I’m writing my intro after answering all the questions so I can honestly say, I really enjoyed filling it out as some of these questions made me remember a few occasions I’d totally forgotten about. I didn’t write about them as they are quite personal, but hopefully I covered enough that you too will enjoy. 

1. What do you watch or read during me-time?

To wind down, I love to escape with a beautiful love story, preferably one that makes me laugh a little as well as cry. Yes, I love to get a good cry in, quite often actually. I especially love it when my tears are shed on account of a dramatic happy ending. In conclusion, I love romantic stories—both in written form and on film.

 My favorite love story of all time, Pride & Prejudice. Anything that is remotely inspired by this book is something I’ll be certain to pick up—unless zombies get involved…for now. I’ve read mixed reviews of that version of my favorite story, and while many have really enjoyed it, I fear I may be of the same opinion as those that didn't enjoy that book. I think it’s because I’m not as fascinated with zombies or werewolves or goblins as most that have enjoyed that book. With that said, I am still a bit intrigued, if only to read my favorite love story through a different light.

 I also love a good laugh and a good drama. To get my fill I turn to lighthearted sitcoms and to dramas with strong female leads—at least that’s what Netflix has determined. Some of my favorites:

·         New Girl

·         Heat of Dixie

·         Gilmore Girls

·         Rules of Engagement

·         Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

·         Pretty Little Liars

·         Army Wives

2. What do you wear during me-time?

Last year for Christmas Ryan gave me a Hoodie-Footie. It is now my favorite loungewear. It’s so soft and comfy and because it’s a gift from Ryan I love wearing it that much more.

3. What are your me-time beauty products?

I like to do my nails while watching girly TV to relax. Masks and baths make their way into my routine occasionally, but not as frequently as I’d like. I also enjoy reading  romantic books. Most recently I finished A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall. It’s absolutely darling! It’s sweet, and lively; just the kind of read I like to turn to when I want to escape from the state of the world.  

4. Current favorite nail polish?

For Audrey by China Glaze is my all-time favorite! I find it so graceful and sweet. I think I like it so much because I have olive undertones and this color really works well. 

5. What do you eat or drink during me-time?

Just like Caz—super unhealthy. I love to settle down with a plate of different cheeses, crackers, wine and a few grapes. This mix is my go-to—it’s the best!  

6. Current favorite candle?

I love candles in general. I don’t have an absolute favorite to provide you. I do have a favorite brand—Bath and Bodyworks Candles. They are the most fragrant I’ve found. Yankee Candle used to be my go-to but they don’t liven up a room the way Bath and Bodyworks Candles do. I’m always on the look out for a new brand to blow me away as I’d prefer to buy from an up-and-coming company. So if you have any recommendations, let me know!

7. Do you ever have outdoor me-time?

I really enjoy running early in the morning with Penny as a form of me-time. We do it together to get a good start to our day, but I don’t do it when I’m feeling down and in serious need of me-time. If I feel down all I want to do is be alone on the couch doing nothing but eating, drinking tea or a bit of wine and watching sappy movies. I’m not much of an outdoors kind of girl.

8. Would you ever go see a movie alone?

I’ve actually already enjoyed the pleasure of going to the movies alone a few times. I do so out of self-preservation and as a way of enjoying a movie in the theater as well. The thing is I cry—a lot—when certain topics arise: rape, a broken heart, battle scenes, ect. I don’t have a problem crying in front of strangers as much as I do crying in front of those I love. Strangers don’t care if I cry—unless I go about it loudly of course—but my loved ones do care, especially my mom. Ryan now knows about my thing, so he’s learned to deal with it.

9. Favorite online shop?

Just like Caz—Amazon!! I’ve purchased everything from coats, to books—to toilet paper.  

I do have an absolute favorite store for shopping for cloths though. It’s ModCloth. I love it’s amazing collection of dresses and that it works with independent designers to create it’s collection. Notice a trend? I love supporting indie brands.

10. Anything to add? What else do you do during me-time?

I also love to paint and color for a bit of me time.  

Again, thank you again for tagging me Caz. I really loved filling it out.

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