Swoon Reads ~ offering undiscovered writers and avid romance readers a platform to interact

Did you know that if you have a manuscript you’d like published you have an opportunity to do so if you really wanted to? It’s true!! If you’re in this position you should definitely turn to Swoon Reads! I discovered this site after finishing one of my favorite recent reads, also the first book they published—A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall. Most recently they helped Jenny Elliott, author of Save Me, and Katie Van Ark, author of The Boy Next Door, fulfill their dream. Both of their books were released on January 6, 2015 and I'm really excited to add their books to my little collection hopefully soon. 

Swoon Reads offers aspiring writers a platform where they can share their manuscript, have others read it and offer their thoughts and opinions via votes and comments. I’m not a writer and to be honest I don’t know that I would make use of the platform if I were. Enduring criticism can become a hard pill to swallow and can stun creativity at times—at least from what I’ve experienced. I’ve taken a few art classes and inevitably, every time we’d get to the critique section of the class I’d clam up and become a bit uneasy. I think it’s because presenting your work is so personal and when decisions are questioned you start to question yourself and your talent. Unfortunately, you can’t escape criticism, no matter what line of business you’re in, hence the more you put yourself in a vulnerable situation willingly, the more you’ll grow and learn from your previous missteps. I have to reemphasize the “willingly” part of my last sentence here as going at it head on will provide you with time to meditate and take in the possible outcomes—utter failure or complete astonishment at how brilliant your work actually is! Okay, these are two extreme situations but honestly you may come out of the experience with an increased sense of confidence. 

Notably, all books submitted are Young Adult love stories which can fall within any of the following genres:  

·         Fantasy & SciFi

·         Adventure

·         Contemporary

·         Historical

·         LGBT

·         Paranormal

How you go about getting published boils down to how well your story is received by the Swoon Reads community. While this is a long process, you at least receive an opportunity to build an audience and to refine your work, and possibly to be inspired to start a new project. I think that's really wonderful! I’ve read through various comments and for the most part it seems like the criticism provided is thoughtful and those offering their opinion do so with the best intention. So, go friends! Share your lovely stories. If you do, please be sure to let me know about it!

Who knows!? One of you may be turn out to be the next J. K. Rowling. That would really be something!

If you've read A Little Something Different or any other swoonie manuscript, what did you think!?

Do you have a manuscript you've been meaning to share? If so, have you shared it with anyone? 

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