My Lara Jean Story

Love Lara Jean!


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Lara Jean

So, if you’ve not read To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about with regard to “My Lara Jean Story” (and if you have read it, then you might think—which one?!). Lara Jean is the main character in the story. She is 16 years old and as a way of dealing with her feelings towards numerous unattainable boys she falls in love with, she writes them letters she never intends to send, but somehow one day they do get sent out—oh the horror!

One of the boys she had feelings for was her older sister’s ex-boyfriend. She started liking him before the two started dating. She knew it was wrong to continue to care for him once they started dating so she wrote him a letter as a final parting. Once Gogo (older sister) goes off to college and breaks up with Josh (Gogo’s ex-boyfriend), Lara Jean starts spending a lot of time with Josh. They find solace in one another’s company as they both dearly miss Gogo. Gogo was not only Lara Jeans older sister but also her mother figure in certain ways. She felt a bit lost and alone, as did Josh—at first. Hence, their relationship was understandable.

As the story progresses, it’s evident that Josh begins to develop feelings for Lara Jean, which expectedly takes Lara Jean by surprise. I say “expectedly” because she’s quite youthful. She doesn’t really get the many signals that Josh gives her of his feelings for her. Throughout the story, she makes reference to past memories of her feelings for Josh with a bit of caution as she is well aware that acting upon them would be wrong. Once Lara Jean is made aware of his feelings, she is quick to put some distance between the two of them. Given those circumstances, I really have a hard time accusing Lara Jean of taking part in any sort of indiscretion.

I personally, I can’t, but many do criticize her for developing such feelings for her sister’s ex-boyfriend and, as a result, rate this book on the lower end of the scale. The thing is…it happens…it happened to me…not developing feelings for my sister’s ex-boyfriend—goodness gracious he’d be around 10 years my junior and that is absolutely unacceptable!—but for someone else’s loved one.

My Book Chat of To All The Boys I’ve Loved by Jenny Han

My Lara Jean Story

About five years ago, a year before meeting Ryan, I attended a really intense training course (well, intense for me anyway…). Our training was three weeks long. Training started at 7am and ended at 8pm with only part of one Sunday off. Three weeks might not seem like a sufficiently long enough time frame to develop sincere feelings towards someone, but I assure you that it is plenty long. A day seemed like a week—considering all that we’d get done in a day, and as a result, a week seemed like a month. Given this logic, I actually knew him for about three months. Anyway, fast forward to the end of the three weeks—nothing happened. It couldn’t. I could never. He was taken and he made it known as soon as he had an opportunity to do so—which I dearly appreciated. I was single and always hopeful that maybe one day I’d actually find my prince charming and was constantly let down given that I never really found a man that gave me that can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars, world series kind of thing. There were always close calls, but many were taken (and didn’t disclose it right away) or not quite what compatible.  

Anyway, the thing that really made me fall for him was the way he talked about his fiancé (now wife and mother to his lovely little girl and 2 puppies). He was absolutely smitten by her and all her quirks. She’d written him a letter for each day of training for him to open—so incredibly adorable—and he’d share bits here and there of what she’d say to him. He loves her so much and his love for her made me yearn for something similar. Slowly, I started yearning for his affection. I think it sounds really strange to say that I fell for him given how much he loved another, but it was more like I wanted someone in my life that would express themselves the way he did about his fiancé. Once I came to terms with my feelings, I made every attempt to stay away from him. Unfortunately, it was rather difficult given that we were constantly placed in the same group. It was at this point in training that time seemed to drag on, and on, and on. It was unbearable.  

His name is Steve and I’m still friends with him on Facebook but we don’t really talk—at all. I’ve seen his family grow and change, and it always gives me such joy to be a witness of it, even if it’s only at a distance. I think very highly of him and am so happy to see him so happy. I can now safely say that I don’t think of him in any other way that a good acquaintance as I’ve found the man that fulfills me in every which way.

Lessons Learned

To be honest, I feel a bit creepy writing this story as it’s about, but I felt compelled to write it in defense of one of the most entertaining stories I read in 2015. I also realize that by going through the experiences I did and by reading this lovely story, I’ve learned a few things.

#1 – It’s what you do that defines who you are.

#2 – Good things happen to those who wait.

#3 – Life can be beautifully unexpected. (You might find your prince charming in a course at UNLV, Finance 301—Intro to finance. I did.)

#4—Time passes on—regardless—so savor every moment and feel.

Have you experienced anything like Lara Jean or myself?