The Versatile Blogger Award

Hi friends! I am so pleased to announce that I was nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by Caz from Lunch Break Adventures. Honestly, I always feel honored when someone nominates me as I feel that I may have provided a little bit of inspiration. Again, thank you so much Caz

The Rules

1.      Show the award on your blog.

2.      Thank the person who nominated you.

3.      Share seven facts about yourself.

4.      Nominate 15 blogs.

5.      Link your nominee’s blog and let them know.

7 Facts

1.      I only own 2 pairs of jeans as I have a massive obsession with dresses and leggings.

2.      I really dislike wearing shorts.

3.      My favorite accessory is a pair of stud earrings.

4.      When I was young I had a love for horror books; now I get really nervous at the thought of reading something remotely suspenseful. (Yes, I am a sissy when it comes to those things.)

5.      Facebook and Google+ are still more or less a mystery to me. All things considered, I have penciled in an hr on Friday and Saturday to figuring each out. I really hope to adapt and overcome quite soon.

6.      I probably have more books than I can read.

7.      My favorite Disney Princess has always been Ariel.

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I hope you've all had a lovely week! I certainly have given that after a small car breakdown I got my car back!! Gosh, you never know exactly how much you love your 4 wheeled friend until you drive another, slightly less powerful friend. 

Had any unusual occurrences happen to you lately!? Do you name your car? My 4 wheeled friend's name is Rusty.