Empties #1: To Repurchase Or Not To Repurchase

Happy Sunday Everyone!

So, I published this video about a week ago. If you're subscribed to my channel —thank you!—you would have already seen it. If you've missed it--here it is! I'd like to apologize as it's quite lengthy, and dark, and odd as I tried to correct the darkness, but with time I am determined to master the art of short awesome videos.  For your convenience I've included a list  of all the items covered as well as a short review. Enjoy!!


1.      SW Basics – Makeup Remover (FULL SIZE 2 fl oz = $14)

a.      1 fl oz = $7

b.      Loved it! It’s a bit thicker than the Julep Cleansing Oil and it hydrates!

c.       Would love to repurchase at some point in time.

d.     Cruelty free—this was a sample size from a Petit Vour Box

2.      Loreal – Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm (FULL SIZE  at ULTA $6.99)

a.      AMAZING results!

b.      Ulta often has buy one get one free so I used to buy it two at a time, but…

c.       Not sure if cruelty free hence I’m in the market for a new balm.

3.      Mini Wild Rose Hand Cream (Travel Size = $10)

a.      Love the scent! Not a fan of it’s lack of hydrating properties.

b.      Is cruelty free

c.       Probably won’t repurchase given that I’ve since found better hand cremes.

4.      Body Butter flo + theo (FULL SIZE 4 fl oz $28)

a.      Starts off as a bit of thick solid cream then as you rub it in your hands it melts and beautifully sinks into your skin.

b.      I really enjoyed it as a hand cream, not so much as a body cream as I am quite heavy handed and ended up with thick patches of product not distributing it as well as I should have—needless to say it’s a personal problem.

c.       I used it up really quickly as a body butter but quite slowly as a hand cream.

d.     Cruelty free—sample size from a Petit Vour Box

5.      Urban Decay Cosmetics – All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray (FULL SIZE $30)

a.      Love this product!

b.      Given the Las Vegas heat, my makeup seems to melt off during the summer. This really helps prolong the wear of my makeup…

c.       Cruelty free product

6.      BIORE – Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser (FULL SIZE $5.94)

a.      LOVE this product!

b.      It’s affordable and effective at cleansing.

c.       Not sure if it is cruelty free…in my searches it pops up as cruelty free half the time

7.      DHC – Deep Cleansing Oil (FULL SIZE $28)

a.      LOVE – LOVE – LOVE this product!! It is think and nourishing and absolutly lovely.

b.      It removes everything quite easily.

c.       Cruelty free!!

8.      DERMAdoctor – Litmus Test  Glycolic Acid Facial Cleansing Gel (FULL SIZE $27)

a.      Not incredibly impressed.

b.      It doesn’t do a great job at cleansing but it does feel good on the skin

c.       Cant’ tell if it is cruelty free…

d.     Won’t be retesting

9.      Bath & BodyWorks – Japanese Cherry Blossom (FULL SIZE $12.50)

a.      LOVE!!

b.      Some brands are cruelty free

10.  MYChelle Dermaceuticals – Fruit Enzyme Cleanser (FULL SIZE $14.69 or SUB&SAVE $12.49)

a.      Not incredibly impressed.

b.      Cruelty free

11.  GlamGlow – Thirstymud (?? Sample Size = FULL SIZE - $69)

a.      Not in love but it is nice

b.      Not sure if cruelty free

12.  ROOT Science – RS Youth Serum (FULL SIZE - $80; SAMPLE - $20)

a.      LOVE this product!!

b.      I went ahead and purchased a full size sample as I  love it so much!

c.       Cruelty free

13.  YORK - FEED YOUR ENDS (2 oz = 13.20 & 8 oz = $26.40)

a.      Really loved it at first but I’ve since tried another product that I enjoy more that offers protection and that is cruelty free hence I don’t think I’ll repurchase this product again.

b.      Cruelty free—sample size from a Petit Vour Box

14.  Mario Badescu – Whitening Mask ( FULL SIZE, 2 oz -  $24)

a.      LOVE IT!!

b.      Cruelty free

15.  Mario Badescu – Drying Mask (FULL SIZE, 2 oz - $18)

a.      Works really well hence it’s not ideal during winter—but I do love it!

b.      Cruelty free

16.  Celestial Seasonings – Peppermint Tea (Pack of 6 boxes = $14; $2.33 per box)

a.      Refreshing especially while suffering through a cold

b.      Love it!