What I gave to my bridesmaids

Hi everyone!! Just a few more days before my big day—I’m sooo excited!

Today I wanted to share with you a few of the pieces I picked out for my bridesmaids, for my mom and for my soon to be mother-in-law.

Cozy  & Warm

Given that we are traveling to Sonoma where the weather is set to be bright, beautiful and cool I thought that a pashmina would be good. They are not only stylish but also quite warm. I purchased these off of Etsy from LunaShawls and I was beyond pleased with my purchase. They arrived individually wrapped; each with a little floral pin—AND with a surprise pashmina for myself! Mine is vibrant red which I will certainly put it to good use year round.

I can never be without a cardigan or something warm—not in the winter nor in the summer. While it is scorching hot outside in the summertime, the indoors always seems to overcompensate with A/C. With this in mind I’ve learned to always be prepared and this pashmina is certain to make its way into my handbag—often.

Pretty & Convenient

Each also received a small clutch from DSW, my little sister (and maid of honor) helped me pick them out. We picked up those shown below as well as a pearled clutch similar to the sparkly one below for my mom and a gold one for my other bridesmaid. I didn’t want everyone to have the same one as they might get confused as happened in One Tree Hill. Anyone else a fan?

The sparkly one is for me and will likely hold doggy bags for Penny, my lip gloss and my phone.

Sparkly Clutch | Kaleidoscopes & Polka Dots

Little Floral Surprises

These little things are so darling!! I was so tempted to purchase one for myself as they could compliment a simple summer dress really nicely—but I didn’t as I have to exercise some self-restraint.

I bought one for my mom and one for my mother-in-law from Carolina Rosa Forever Floral another Etsy shop. Carolina is a doll! I really enjoyed working with her. I was expecting to receive exactly what I saw in the picture, but she reached out to me to see if what I saw in the picture was exactly what I was looking for and if it wasn’t she’d mold it to my taste—and she did!! Aren’t these stunning!? I just love the detail and the delicacy with which they were made.

Sweet & Serine Details

Pampering was at the top of my list when it came to providing them with a small token of appreciation for not only accepting to by my bridesmaids but also for traveling all the way to Sonoma. Bath and Bodyworks made it quite easy to accomplish this mission given their annual sale. As you can see I went quite crazy and also managed pick some up for myself without regrets as each cost less than $5—such a bargain!

As a final touch, I also added a bit of sweetness. These are one of my recent guilty pleasures--Russell Stover S'MORES.

I hope you enjoyed my post! Have a wonderful week!!