Haul!! ~ What I Got For My Wedding!

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all been well. Life’s been good on the newly married front. It’s been pretty much the same really. Anyone else have the same feeling after tying the knot?

Today I wanted to share with you a bit of a haul. Specifically, I wanted to share with you what I got for my wedding.  I have to say. I was truly not expecting to receive so many thoughtful gifts for the wedding as I tried to make every effort to dissuade everyone from gifting us anything—notably I was quite unsuccessful and am incredibly thankful for everything. You see Ryan & I have been living together for over a year, officially. Even before moving in I was investing in home appliances as Ryan only had the bare minimum—a pan, a spatula and a few plates, a TV, a couch, a coffee table, 2 lamps and a bed and that was pretty much all. He claimed that that was all he really needed. I thought it was adorable that he thought so and promptly started working on project: Total Home Makeover (Affordable Edition). Maybe one day I’ll post a tour. (Home tours are some of my favorite videos to watch—anyone else feel the same way?)

So, I also had the idea that given that we were having a destination wedding—per my request—that requesting everyone’s presence and having them actually attend would be in itself our present. (Traveling isn’t exactly easy these days—ya know?!)

After the fact I realize that maybe I should have been of a bit more accommodating to those that wanted to provide us with a gift. My mom for one insisted that we should give her ideas—as did my now mother-in-law, Nita. Nita made things easy for me by handing me a William-Sonoma Catalog, where everything looks amazing! How could I resist! I went crazy and actually got all the items I really wanted. I told my mom, and a few others that queen size sheets would be much appreciated as they are quite essential.

So, if I could give you a bit of advice with regard to how to handle gifts when you prepare for your big day—if you don’t want gifts, yes let everyone know they aren’t expected but also have a few ideas in mind should they insist. I was caught off guard, given my lack of anticipation, and blurted out sheets to most inquiries and while I love my sheets I could tell that others were a bit disappointed with my suggestion. I think it was due to my lack of originality. 

Wedding gift idea - spiralizer from William-Sanoma
Wedding gift idea - spatulas from William Sanoma
Wedding Gift Idea - Grippmats from William Sanoma
Wedding gift idea - cutting boards from William-Sanoma
Wedding gift idea - slow cooker from William-Sanoma

Isn't this a beautiful piece! I love it so much as it is so sweet and GORGEOUS! It holds such a dear place in my heart as my friend Caz from Style Lingua sent it to us along with an amazing care package.

Wedding Gift Idea - Lovely art!

I don't know about you, but I love cards! They make me sooooooo happy as I love to reread them throughout the years long after that specific event, I love to look back and reminisce. 

Cards are always a lovely wedding gift idea!

Thank you again for stopping by! Hope you're doing well, today and always!