My review of the most amazing under eye color corrector--ever!

Hi everyone! Okay. So! I think I’ve found another Holy Grail beauty product that is both effective and cruelty free!

Before embarking on my journey to procure a great collection of cruelty free products, I didn’t know exactly what I should expect. I hesitated as I thought of it as an impossible task to find effective replacements. Also, considering that I am quite loyal to the products I love I thought it would be really hard to let them go—L’Oreal, Maybelline & Orly I’m talking to you. As it turned out, it really wasn’t hard at all as there are many great companies that fulfill my requirements—enter Tart.

Tart now makes up at least 20% of my makeup collection. Their amazing packaging and marketing along with the great results provided are all contributing factors to my determination to try out one of everything from the brand. (This is an ongoing project of mine, which will likely be never ending as they have such a dynamic range.)

While I really like all the products I’ve tried thus far I am especially in love with their CC Undereye Corrector in light-medium. I am certain that I will never be able to go without this product again as it also does a great job at covering my sunspots. I don’t often talk about these as I feel quite self-conscious about them. They appeared while I was quite young and haven’t managed to find that magical potion that gets rid of them all together. Because of them I don’t feel quite like my best self when I walk around without any sort of coverage as I feel like I look 10 years older as such. Hence, if I were to leave my home with only one product on it would be some sort of under eye concealer and this is by far the best one I’ve found for my skin.

I have oily skin with dry patches around my eye area. I use eye creams on a daily basis to manage this problem but, somehow I find that concealers tend to have a drying effect on me at times. I’ve tried various concealers. Those that provide heavier coverage often have the most noticeable drying effect and those that offer a bit of added hydration seem to have the most difficult time setting and often don’t offer the sort of coverage I’m looking for—sigh...#firstworldproblems..

Tarte's CC Undereye Corrector is really great at covering up dark circles and sunspots. Here it is in action both alone and with BB Cream. // Kaleidoscopes & Polka Dots

The Tart Undereye Corrector offers the perfect amount of coverage and hydration—and when blended well enough it’s all I really need on a “no makeup—makeup day”. While I read the following description on their website prior to purchasing this product, I hesitated to truly believe their claim as many others have promised similar results. Tart notes:

This multi-tasking, full coverage corrector expertly masks undereye discolorations and dark circles in two universal shades. The light-diffusing particles brighten undereye areas and soften the appearance of fine lines as color-correcting colored clay helps to offset the look of dark circles.  Infused with nutrient-rich, skinvigorating™ ingredients, this undereye corrector works to hydrate, condition and smooth skin while helping improve skin tone and texture over time.

Tarte's CC Undereye Corrector comes in two shades: Light-Medium & Medium-Dark which is a bit of a let down... // Kaleidoscopes & Polka Dots

I’ve read many great reviews and a few good reviews. The primary concern that is often brought up is that they only offer two shades—which is a disappointment. I can see how the light-medium shade wouldn’t work for those that are quite fair as well as the darker shade not working for the darkest of skin tones. Hopefully in the near future Tart can remedy this issue as it really is a great product and expanding their range would be an ideal solution.

Have you tried this product? If you suffer of dark circle or dark spots, what products do you use to conceal them?