Remembering the 90’s

Hi Lovelies!! Tell me. If you were invited to a 90’s themed party where you were expected to dress accordingly, what would you wear?

Of course, I pose the question because I found myself in this predicament not too long ago. Ryan & I were invited to a 90’s themed pool party a few weeks ago. Everyone was to dress in 90’s style, bring the phones they carried around in the 90’s (if they had phones, some of us had pagers)—you get the gist. We had so much fun taking part in everything! Here, I learned how to play beer pong—except we substituted beer with water—and we also played a whole lot of Nintendo. It was so much fun!

In prepping for this party, I not only got really stressed out about what to wear but I also started reminiscing on all the things I was into back then…hmm...those were certainly different times. As for what I decided to wear, I went for Ryan’s old flannel, a thin undershirt, and my now one pair of jeans, brown booties, a scrunchie and a really dramatic eye & lip look.

Grunge inspired makeup look and outfit//Kaleidoscopes & Polka Dots

How do you remember the 90’s—if at all? I went through many growing pains in the 90’s and was really all over the place—hello teen years. In a sense I kind of feel like a whole different person—& that’s to be expected. Experiences, good and bad, allow you to grow and become the person you are meant to grow into. I remember my teen years fondly but am very glad to be far removed as growing up has been quite fun!

Anyway, here’s a bit of what I remember about the 90’s.

1.      Makeup

Brown lip liner and nude lipstick—oh yeah!! This makeup trend made me feel like all that and a bag of chips!

I remember that it took me a really long time to associate this combo to the chola look as I didn’t really hang out with that crowd yet my friends and I all wore this look. Other than this look, I didn’t really wear much in the way of makeup until well into my 20’s. I was truly afraid of it as I was going through an awkward phase—teen acne, and all the perks of going through puberty. What really didn’t help was an obsessive older brother who would badger me every time I looked “too old for my age”—argh!! It did and still drives me crazy to hear this phrase. I understand it, to some degree. His delivery was always a terrible and of course always provoked me… experimenting with makeup is all part of growing up!

2.      Hair

I remember wearing a lot of hairspray—especially around the bangs. I never really learned how to operate a curling iron or the proper application of hairspray but I do remember making a mess of my hair. Anyone else rock some crispy hair in the 90’s?

The one look that I did master was the half up half down look. It was my staple. I would never wear the look now-a-days as it makes me look quite young—but, on Halloween I may make an exception. Isn’t Halloween great! I really look forward to experimenting with different looks.    

I also went through some heavy plucking stages—literally, my eyebrows were merely slivers. At the time I was really hair averse and so my eyebrows suffered quite a bit. (Ha! If I had pictures…I don’t think I’d post them. Would you?)

3.      Style

My style was really all over the place. I wore everything from extreme bell bottoms to extreme baggy pants. I also loved really baggy shirts and those with a lot of glitter and hot pink pom-poms [inspiration, courtesy of Miss Spears].. The one thing that I really never got into were flannels. As cool as Kurt Cobain and all the bands I now really love made them look I really didn’t associate the look to grunge music until my 20’s. I associated them to cholos as one of my uncles wore them all the time—and that wasn’t me at all. (As I write this, I feel like a pile of contradictions given my choice of makeup and baggy attire…but that’s what your teen years are about—experimenting with all sorts of styles and the like!)

My accessories consisted of two scrunchies on one hand and a varied collection of chokers. Not only where scrunchies oh so cute to wear as bracelets but they were also so handy! I was always ready to put my hear up when needed which I now really appreciate.

Soda shoes were all the rage at the time and I, of course, just had to have a pair as soon as possible. Unfortunately I lent them to my best friend at the time and she totally ruined them…stinky feet…in retrospect it was a good thing she ruined them because they were quite heavy. Mine were basically white sneakers with really heavy soles. I think they were knock-offs but they looked great!—or so I thought.

4.      Food

Melon Gatorade and Hot Cheetos were almost a daily ritual of mine. Those were the days when I didn’t really care about having a well-balanced diet. At times I wish I didn’t know as much as I do about nutrition because I feel like if that were the case I wouldn’t care about eating four cookies in a row.

I also discovered sushi back then. Honestly, it took some getting used to for me as the squishiness of the fish as well as the knowing of its rawness made me a bit woozie at first.  It has now become practically a third love—Ryan and Penny take first and second place respectively.

5.      TV

Heeellloooo Road Rules and Real World! I loved those shows so much!! I remember watching marathons of both shows—with commercials on MTV so I’d be practically glued to the TV all day long. Thankfully, watching a marathon is much easier and less grueling thanks to Hulu and Netflix now-a-days.

I also loved watching:

a.      Saved by the Bell—Team Zach here!!

b.      90210—Kelly was always my favorite.

c.       Charmed—The three witches were both pretty and brilliant—what’s not to love!

d.     Married with Children—Al Bundy was such a delightful grumpy old man. What’s not to love!

e.      Rosanne—Oh Rosanne…you taught me many life lessons and made me laugh a lot along the way. Thank you.

f.        Sisters—Sibling rivalry was something I was personally all too aware of and seeing it manifest on TV through a fictional family made me feel really good about our situation.

g.      The Ren & Stimpy Show –stomach-churning scenes meet cute adorable characters = love!!

h.      Daria—awkward teen with uber popular sister—welcome to my life except I’m the younger sister with the uber popular older brother.

I know there were so many more but these were the ones that I’d constantly reference back in the day.

What shows were you obsessed with in the 90’s?

6.      Books

I couldn’t get enough of books from the Fear Street book series. I remember loving it so much even though it also really scared me. I couldn’t help it—I was always intrigued with the idea of the boy next door being both dreamy and a bad boy who might kill! I no longer have such ideas...I’ve watched too many CSI type shows and now it all seems too real.

7.      Social Life

My friends were everything to me then. They were generally older than me which came in handy. They went through all the ins and outs of puberty, boys, and so much more. ;) While I still cherish my friendships a lot, my family takes precedence.

Grunge music, dark lipstick and a great deal of confusion. Just a few of the things I remember about the 90's. How about you? // Kaleidoscopes & Polka Dots

Hope you enjoyed this post! Tell me. What are some of your favorite memories from the 90’s?