A red themed post!

When I think of red, I think of glamor & passion. I think of Marilyn Monroe in the infamous scene from the Seven Year Itch or Kathryn Hepburn with her ever soft red curls and bold to subtle red lip. Old Hollywood movie stars basically epitomize what comes to my mind & it’s certainly a dream of mine to one day be able to strut around in that sort of glamorous look. Until then, I’ll settle for more subdued everyday looks.

The thing about red is that it’s flattering on everyone and that a little can go a long way. That’s not to say I’d stray away from a full length red dress and red lip if given an opportunity. I‘m merely trying to convince those that might think that red is strictly to be worn for special occasions that it can in fact be worn on an everyday basis without looking too done up. The key is to go about it moderately through the use of accents. For example via a bold lip, a touch of color on the nails or on shoes.


ColourPop's Clique is the loveliest shade of red in my collection. What are some of your favorites?

A red lipstick is probably my favorite red accent. I wear it at least three times a week as it allows me to keep the rest of my makeup quite simple, and as a result the application process is quite timely.

New to my collection is this red lippie stick from ColourPop. Clique.  If you’ve yet to try out one of their lippie stick, I think you should definitely give them a try as they are quite long lasting and hydrating—even their collection of matte products are hydrating.

ColourPop's Clique via @KldscpsPolkaDot

Orange red undertones in a lip color are generally my favorites as I think they really liven up my olive skin tone. What’s your favorite shade of red?


Zoya's America via @KldscpsPolkaDot

I recently disposed of most of my nail polish as it was all quite old and most of it wasn’t of the cruelty free variety. Lucky for me I stumbled upon Zoya!—one of my new favorite online stores. Their selection is impressive as they have around 300 options to choose from and their website is really user friendly. It allows one to browse it really smoothly—even on your mobile phone, which is how I usually browse their selection. I’ve found that the staying power of their polishes to vary depending on the finish of the nail polish, but on the whole they last around 3 to 4 days (depending on how much I work with my hands).

Anyway, my current favorite nail color is America. It’s a beautiful red with slight orange undertones. In the future I’d like to pick up Sookie  as it appears to be along the same color family but it may be a bit brighter. (I’m hopeful that one day Zoya will come out with a nail polish named Jessica. Childish much? I think, maybe.)  

Have you tried any of Zoya’s products? If so, which is your favorite color?


A red heel never goes out of style.

Once upon a time, about a year and a half ago or so, my shoe collection was substantial. A year and a half later, my collection is basically made up of less interesting shoes as one, Penny Gibson, chewed quite a few of them. (Fourteen that I know of; within this small collection were two of my favorite red heels.) I now only have these red beauties from Enzo Angiolini, which don’t get much use lately on account of 1) they were expensive and 2) I’m afraid of wearing them down. (There are only so many fashion pieces I can invest in—you know?)