The Copper Collection

When I first started beading, I gathered most of my materials from Hobby Lobby. Then as I started experimenting with different projects and I realized that they didn’t have all the items I needed, enter Google, then enter I love this site! It offers so many different products, not everything but pretty much everything including an amazing selection of designer bead soups (these are mixes of seed beads that complement each other or that have varying themes). These are beautiful and affordable and often give you more than what you need for a single project.

A while ago I purchased five tubes of the Peach Copper Artbeads Designer Blend. With these, I’ve finished three lace beaded bracelets, three necklaces with beaded accents, one long chain necklace and a few knickknacks for future projects. Amazingly, I’m still not finished with all the beads. It’s pretty impressive given how much product has gone into making each item. I’ve since picked up four more tubes to finish my current project load & for future projects. It’s just such a lovely affordable mix.

I’m writing this post with the purpose of showcasing my work and with the hope that it helps anyone who is interested in buying this bead mix as there are two things I really don’t like about this selection. The galvanized beads, the ones that look like pretty shiny pennies, chip & discolor quite quickly with wear. They are one of the main reasons I picked out this selection, that and their affordable price point. I think I have a solution for my predicament, covering them with a clear coat of something like nail polish. I’ve used this trick on the handles of my makeup brushes to make sure that their names don’t rub off as I use them. I’ve never tried it on anything like beads though so I’ll have to report back.   

This isn’t a criticism on, but an alert for anyone interested in this selection to proceed with caution and to maybe use this selection for pieces that don’t touch the skin directly or to treat them with an adhesive of sorts.

Hope you found this helpful. Let me know if you’ve tried any products lately—any kind of products—that  haven’t really worked for you. It’s always nice to learn from others.