Three Nontraditional Valentine's Day Ideas

Three Nontraditional Valentine's Day Ideas #giftgiving #romanticatheart #diy #lbloggers #cbloggers #bookbloggers

To me, a traditional Valentine’s Day celebration consists of chocolates, flowers and dinner. Nothing wrong with this formula at all but sometimes I think we get in ruts because tradition feels safe and familiar.  Truth be told, I love traditions because of those same reasons but I think that Valentine’s Day is a day we can chuck tradition and be a little more adventurous without feeling like we are missing out on something.  

Here are a few ideas that could enhance your Valentine’s Day by adding a little bit of nontraditional fun -  which could become traditional.

Creating Art Together

Many years ago, I came across an article from Juxtapoz Magazine where the artist was talking about one of her favorite memories with her significant other. She mentioned that one of the pieces in her living room was a combination of their work—one of them worked on one side of the canvas and the other took the other. Their styles were totally different, but the color pallet was the same which provided a cohesive element.

I love this idea! However, it is something that could either go well or terribly, as was my experience but that had more to do with the state of our relationship than with it being a bad idea.  

Once upon a time, I tried this out with a toad of a boyfriend. We were going through a rocky patch and I thought that just maybe he might surprise me by going along with one of my corky ideas. To my surprise, he agreed! I thought that was a great sign! I was so optimistic that we were finally working as a team…but he totally failed to listen to the one significant detail I had given him and that was to use a specific color pallet – this resulted in yet another argument and mediocre date. (Argh! His misuse of color really was not that big a deal, but it was at the heart of our many problems…) While it did not work with him – the relationship or this idea – I truly believe that with the right person it would be a wonderful memorable idea.

I was thinking of giving this idea a go this year. It may be a bit ambitious, but I would love to have a painting of Penny in our home and if we created it together it would be so special.

Recreating A Special Day

This can seem a bit tricky as you truly can never completely recreate a specific moment in time, but it does not have to be tricky. It can be as simple as visiting a location that means a lot to the two of you. While initially, the goal is to recreate a special day in the past, you are making new memories and maybe creating a new tradition for the two of you.

The day Ryan proposed to me we went to Buffalo Wild Wings. It was amazing! No, he did not propose at BWWs, he proposed at our now home. We had just gotten home from class and we were both quite hungry. After he proposed he asked me right away to pick a place to go to for dinner. I said BWWs. He was both shocked and relieved as that was what he was craving. Now whenever we go, we reminisce a little. It is so lovely.

Three Nontraditional Valentine's Day Ideas #giftgiving #romanticatheart #diy #lbloggers #cbloggers #bookbloggers (2).JPG
Three Nontraditional Valentine's Day Ideas #giftgiving #romanticatheart #diy #lbloggers #cbloggers #bookbloggers

Creating Your Gifts – Not Buying Them

Did you ever watch Nick & Jessica’s reality show, Newlyweds? Unfortunately, they did not make it as a couple, but they provided half of the inspiration for this idea. Yolanda from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills also contributed.

In Newlyweds, Nick gives Jessica a $20 budget, I believe. With this budget they were to purchase the supplies to make each other a creative gift. Hers was an expensive mess as she did not stick to the budget and went about the project without a plan in mind, but she tried! In the end, isn’t that what counts? It does to me. A lot.

Yolanda from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is such an inspiration. I love her perspective and demeanor. In one of the earliest episodes when she was introduced she said that as gifts she requested that her husband at the time provide her with love letters, nothing more. She explained that these served as reminders of their love and connection whenever she was feeling a bit down or when she missed him while he was away. I thought that this was such an amazing idea because it is so true! I have a few letters from Ryan, and when times get tough I do reference them and almost instantaneously my perspective becomes a little clearer.

When was the last time you wrote a love note to your significant other? No. Signing your name at the bottom of a card does not count. Cards are great, but you should strive to add a few original words to the card as well.  It does not have to be good it just needs to be written by you & in your own words. These are so special and priceless.

Three Nontraditional Valentine's Day Ideas #giftgiving #romanticatheart #diy #lbloggers #cbloggers #bookbloggers (5).JPG

A few other magical DIY ideas:

·        printing a photo and framing it. I can not remember when I last printed a photo, much less framed it. It just does not happen anymore. If you accompany this with a short note, it will be so much more special.

·        cooking dinner together instead of buying it –this is especially great if this is not the norm in your relationship.

How do you like to celebrate this special day?

I know a lot of us prefer to skip it but I think it is such a lovely opportunity to celebrate and wasting it seems like such a shame.

However you choose to spend the day, I hope you have a wonderful time.

Please let me know if you have any other ideas as well! I’m constantly looking for more ways to be romantic, hence the inspiration behind my Pinterest board “Romantic at <3