What a friendship bracelet means to me.

What a friendship bracelet means to me. #accessories #fbloggers #ontheblog #lbloggers #cbloggers

Do you remember the first token of friendship you ever received? I do not, however, I do remember handing out about eight little half “friend” hearts and wearing the other eight halves in a long necklace when I was around nine. It was quite the noisy little thing. I think that I had just discovered the meaning of that memento and was eager to take part. I think that the novelty of my discovery was the driving factor for my handing out so many little half hearts, that and not wanting anyone from my friendship group to feel left out.

These days I laugh at the thought of presenting any part of the friend heart to a friend. Mainly because I’m reminded of little me hence it is hard to present such a gift seriously. I also have not found many best friend hearts particularly appealing. There are a lot of friendship bracelets I do love though!

What a friendship bracelet means to me. #accessories #fbloggers #ontheblog #lbloggers #cbloggers
What a friendship bracelet means to me. #friendship #accessories #cbloggers #lbloggers #fbloggers

My collection of friendship bracelets is fun and unconventional – which is why I love each of them so dearly. Each is as different as the friend that gave it to me or with whom I purchased a matching set.  I am reminded of this friend whenever I see it or wear it and that is special. To me, friendship bracelet means, I care about you - you are not alone – if you ever need me, count on me – even from afar.

My one gripe about these bracelets is that I have mostly received them when a friend moves. I probably sound quite ungrateful. I am sorry if I do. The thing is I wish these were gifted more often, and not only to mark the end of something.  I guess I see them kind of like flowers. If they are only given when there is something to apologize about, you tend to associate a certain set of feelings towards such gifts—both good and bad.

What does a friendship bracelet mean to you? What is one of your favorite memories?