Two charming books for fellow dog lovers

Two charming books for fellow dog lovers #booklovers #bookbloggers #lbloggers #puppylove

This post goes out to all my fur mamas. In February of 2014, Penny Gibson adopted us and since then our lives have been significantly enhanced. Her joy for life and food and pets is infectious. Whenever I’m having a challenging day at work I can always count on coming home and being greeted with genuine love and excitement. It is such an amazing feeling. It is because of her, or rather my love for her, that books about dogs seem to affect me quite a lot—i.e. I was not able to get through A Dog’s Purpose. (Have you read that book? I know the movie was a bit controversial but overall most who watched it enjoyed it.) When I think about losing her…I have a hard time seeing what life would be like...thankfully, there are plenty of wonderful stories that paint that reality, in the best possible way, which allow me to see that it will be okay. Life will be different, but okay. Here are two books that have touched me and that have not totally broken my heart in the process.

Two charming books for fellow dog lovers #furmom #puppylove #bookbloggers #booklovers #lbloggers
Two charming books for fellow dog lovers #furmom #puppylove #bookbloggers #booklovers #lbloggers

Little Dog Lost by Marion Dane Bauer

This little book is written in verse. (Here is a sample.) I was not expecting that given that it was an affordable cover buy from—one of my favourite sites to buy books I would never otherwise buy. (Be warned, their prices are incredible.) As soon as I received it, I inhaled it and then read it again because it was so sweet, and I think that Penny was getting her teeth cleaned that weekend so it helped me cope. (Not my favourite time of the year.)

The story follows Buddy around on her journey to reconnect with her owner. She is adorable. She is skittish. She reminds me of Penny Gibson. I mean look at her.

Two charming books for fellow dog lovers #furmom #puppylove #bookbloggers #booklovers #lbloggers

I love everything about this book. It is a sweet story. It is written in a sweet lyrical way and I think it is a story any dog owner can enjoy as we all love a good happy ending.  

The Dogs of Christmas by W. Bruce Cameron

This was my introduction to W. Bruce Cameron’s storytelling. Honestly, I do not know very much about him but it is clear that he understands the spirit of a dog lover. He understands that we tend to love hard and have a hard time letting go. I think that his novels are his way of doing us a favour as he attempts to prepare us for the inevitable in a direct yet loving way.

This is a beautiful book and a beautiful story. It follows Josh Michaels who unexpectedly falls in love with Lucy, a very pregnant dog. She is sweet and smart and loving. Josh is going through a challenging time in his life at the time but somehow this little creature provides him with a cure. It is because of her that he meets an amazing woman who helps him navigate the challenges of owning a beautiful pregnant dog and once she gives labour she assists with the puppies. (Here is a sample.)

This is the perfect book for anyone in my shoes; anyone who finds it difficult to envision what it would be like to let go of their furry best friend.  Yes, it was a tough read but it was really therapeutic as well. I will definitly be revisiting this story in the near future. 

What are some of your favorite books about furry friends? 

I hope you enjoyed a loving Mother's Day. 

Two charming books for fellow dog lovers #furmom #puppylove #bookbloggers #booklovers #lbloggers

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