100 Days of Happiness: Day 21 through Day 28

8/3/14—Day 21

Grocery shopping and coming home to a clean house!! Sunday morning was dedicated to tidying up—while not the happiest thing in the world, coming home to a clean home sure is lovely!

8/4/14—Day 22

Welcomed a new employee to our team and discovered the most amazing hauntingly-addictive show ever!—Continuum

8/5/14—Day 23

Receiving Hollie Beca’s nomination for the Liebster Award!! I honestly didn’t know what it meant to be honored with such an award when I found out. It’d been a long day at work; I came home, checked email and saw the Discus notification advising me of the comment that contained the nomination. That alone prompted me to fall asleep joyfully.  

8/6/14—Day 24

I took part in my second #WeddingHour Twitter chat! I really enjoyed it as you get to see what everyone in the industry is working on, and I personally get quite a bit of inspiration from referencing their work. I am now trying to find other chats—do you have any suggestions? 

8/7/14—Day 25

Having a team lunch at Canaletto!  I usually eat at my desk at work, mainly because I’m afraid I’ll miss a call from one of my many bosses. Being in the room with all of them at once made enjoying my meal that much easier. 

8/8/14—Day 26

Visiting a Goodwill and finding all sorts of lovely items! I went there mainly because I was in desperate need for some lounging around the house shirts—I’ve invested heavily in sundresses and work clothe. While I was living at my mom’s house walking around the house in the same three oversized shirts and four yoga pants seemed to work just fine, but now living with Ryan it’s a little embarrassing. He assures me it doesn’t make a difference to him, but it makes a difference to me. My Goodwill loot: 

Cost  for 3 shirts = $7!

The evening was spent researching new bloggers! I must say, I really enjoyed using Bloglist24 and the Better Blogger Network to find up-and-coming bloggers.

8/9/14—Day 27

Saturday was amazing!! Penny took a bath, we cleaned the house, I panted my nails, we watched The Birdcage—Albert is absolutely FAB!! I didn’t leave the house. It was just lovely!

8/10/14—Day 28

Taking my camera for a stroll, clicking away and being left with some surprisingly lovely images. 

What were some of your happiest moments this week?!