100 Days of Happiness: Day 36-Day 42

8/18/14—Day 36

Enjoyed dinner with my mom.

8/19/14—Day 37

Visited my little sister. She’s so excited about going back to school. I can’t believe It’s been less than a year since I was preparing to get back on my school/work schedule. Good luck to those getting back to their school grind!

8/20/14—Day 38

Worked out with Jackie…she kicked my @$$...three days later I was still a bit soar.

8/21/14—Day 39

Received my OliveBox!

8/22/14—Day 40

Visited StoneTree Golf Club, and let me tell you—it is gorgeous!! I am hoping for an outdoor wedding—hopefully from beginning to end—but I only found a handful of such pictures on the website, most were indoors and so I wasn’t anticipating being excited about the site. To my surprise, I absolutely loved it! It has charm and so much space for children to play (I plan on having some games and a movie playing in the background and I can certainly see my vision coming together here.)

8/23/14—Day 41

Al Capone may not have thought so—but I just loved touring Alcatraz with Ryan. We didn’t actually go to the island as you have to book the tour 2 weeks ahead of time. We went around it on a short cruise via the Blue & Gold Fleet Bay Cruise Adventure which also provided an incredible ride under the Golden Gate Bridge. Throughout the tour there was a prerecorded narration of the history of San Francisco which complemented the trip wonderfully.

Once we finished, we made our way to the Aquarium of the Bay where we “befriended” a series of unexpected creatures:

Aren’t they just lovely! I was expecting to see more fish than such a varied collection of sea creatures which may have been the reason I was in awe the whole time.  

8/24/14—Day 42

Visiting second potential wedding spot—Depot Hotel!