3 lovely books that could help you organize your bachelorette party

If you are anything like me, when you are curious about a certain topic you go out and stock up on relevant reading materials. Such has been the case for me, and lately I’ve been studying the works of three lovely ladies, all of which relate to hosting an eventful bachelorette party. They are:

1.      Bachelorette Party Ideas by Victoria Rimi

a.      Print Length: 32 pages

b.      Cost: $2.99

2.      Bachelorette Party Ideas  - Themes, Games, Getaways, Decorations, and Gift Ideas for Your Bride to Be (How to Plan a Wedding) by Suzie Summers

a.      Print Length: 44 pages

b.      Cost: 3.97 (I purchased for $3.99)

3.      The Hen Party Planner: A Clucking Good Guide to Organizing Hen Parties like a Pro by Christina Clarke

a.      Print Length: 52 pages

b.      Cost: $3.12 (I purchased it for $3.12)

**Please note that I have three more books to read, but I thought that a review of six books at once would be too much to cover. I bring this up because I don’t want to take anyone by surprise when I post another similar post in the near future. I also thought that it’d be helpful, should anyone feel inclined to purchase these fairly inexpensive books, to have an understanding of what to expect—after all, sometimes what you get is so much more than what you paid for it and that’s always a wonderful surprise.

What is the value of purchasing any of these books?

To be honest, when I started reading these books I realized that a lot of the information in them could easily be found on the internet—like on Pinterest. I have a whole board dedicated to the subject. Having said that, I still find great value in my purchases as I can now reference my fairly inexpensive library at my leisure without having to worry about having internet connection on my phone—where I’d most likely attempt to look up such information. So the value in purchasing such a book—or set of books—would be 1) the convenience of having them handy at your fingertips when needed for reference and 2) consolidation of information.

To give you an ideas of what kind of information to expect in each book, I’ve included their table of contents

My recommendation

As you can imagine, each book is not too dissimilar from the others; they each go over games to play and they also discuss the general idea of what is to be expected from hosting such a party. I did, however, enjoy one above the others and that was The Hen Party Planner: A Clucking Good Guide to Organizing Hen Parties like a Pro by Christina Clarke. I enjoyed it the most because she really dove into the planning process. I especially liked part 5 of her book—The Hen Party Checklist. Here she sums up all the major points covered in each section of her book. I can also see this being an invaluable resource to a young woman who’s never planned a party in her life—my sister—and it provides advice about financing such parties, an important detail that may end up being a great burden on the maid of honor—again, my sister.

I know I tend to be annoyingly pushy with my little sister. I just hope she doesn’t consider my "suggestion"that she should read this book an annoyance. After all it’ll save her some money, since I’ll simply let her borrow the book & additionally it covers valuable information relating to financing the party, and time since this is only a 52 page book. The alternative would be that I’ll be hovering over her—offering my 2 cents at every opportunity. (Gosh I’m annoying…anyone else feel that way about themselves?)

Do you have any suggestions I may also push upon my sister, but first myself? Kidding. I would truly value any suggestions as I just love reading such pieces.