100 Days of Happiness: Day 43 - Day 49

8/25/14: Day 43

Coming home to Penny!! We did visit another potential wedding venue this morning but by this point in time in our trip we were both soooo ready to come home and see our little girl. She makes us so happy. We were worried—I should say, I was worried that she’d be upset and think we’d abandoned her as it was the longest amount of time either of us had been away from her.  

8/26/14: Day 44

Seeing one of my 3 bosses for the first time in three weeks as he’d been away on business. The office just didn’t seem the same without him around.

8/27/14: Day 45

Learning about WeChat! It seems like such an exciting product! I haven’t looked more into it since our meeting given time, but it seems so interesting. It’s like having twitter, your online banking system, your amazon account, and a series of some of your favorite mobile games—just to name a few of its features—all rolled into on application/system. It’s quite popular in China and I predict that it may take the US by storm once we too embrace it.

8/28/14: Day 46

Went grocery shopping for the first time following our trip! While it’s not the norm for me to do so during the week, it was so lovely to feel like normalcy was upon us.

8/29/14: Day 47

Celebrating Ryan’s last day at his job of 17 years! I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone—other than an entrepreneur—who’s been with the same company for so long. I’m so proud of him. He starts his new job on Monday. It’s the job of his dreams. It makes me so happy to celebrate such milestones with him.

8/30/14: Day 48

We cleaned!—& cleaned—& cleaned. It was wonderful. We went a whole 2 weeks without cleaning given our weekend trip last week and let me tell you, our home was feeling a bit blue.

8/31/14: Day 49

Spent most of the morning with my mom, sister, Curly & Penny. Curly is my mom’s dog—he used to belong to me but when I moved out he made his choice and picked my mom over me. Just kidding. My mom had grown so attached to him. I just couldn’t break them apart. I missed him so much that Ryan caved and got me Penny. I still love my dear Curly so-so much. His personality is so much different than Penny’s—he’s very independent; not a big cuddle bug like Penny is but he is quite protective of all of us. It’s so cute considering that his a bit smaller than Penny.

I wasn’t very active on social media last week as the feeling of playing catchup with my job just got the best of me. I honestly can’t say I’m up to speed yet but I do think I’ll have time to be around more often & pop into your pages  I just can’t wait to start catching up.

How was your week?