100 Days of Happiness: Day 50 – 56

9/1/14 – Day 50

Ryan started his dream job today, which is amazing! Can you imagine starting a job you’ve always dreamed of having!? I’ve had the pleasure of having this sensation a handful of times, but I don’t think my excitement was quite as grand as his. I do think it’ll happen the day I start my own business, but for now I’m slowly making my way.

Given that he is just starting, this first week involves going through the company’s orientation—in San Francisco. Meaning, Penny and I are to patiently wait for him—and miss him tremendously—at home.

9/2/14 – Day 51

Penny spent the whole day with Ryan’s family, which was such a relief. She usually spends all day at home, staring out the window, waiting for Ryan to come home as he usually makes it home before I do, and so she doesn’t get to go potty for hours. It makes me feel so terrible. Going forward, a trip to grandmas is going to be a part of our new routine which is such a relief.

9/3/14 – Day 52

Oh my goodness! I had the most amazing carrot cake of my life!! It wasn’t your average slice of cake, it was a small square with a small amount of frosting and a moist, rich nutty cake. I wish I knew where it came from, but it was a thoughtful gesture provided to me by one of my coworkers

9/4/14 – Day 53

Just realized that I worked out four times this week! These haven’t been intense workouts, but at least they made their way into my schedule. Isn’t it just lovely when you cross a lot of things off your to-do list! Such a great feeling!!

9/5/14 – Day 54

Mom goes through surgery successfully. She didn’t tell me of the procedure or her ailment at all until yesterday. She feared that I’d take the day off and have a bit of a moment. She was right in thinking so. It’s never a pleasant feeling when I know something may happen to one of the most important individuals in my life.

9/6/14 – Day 55

Enjoyed a full day with Ryan! We didn’t work. We just enjoyed each other’s company considering the long week we’d just endured. Honestly, it was a tough week, but we managed, and it’s weeks like these make you so grateful for the weeks where things seem uneventful or bland.

9/7/14 – Day 56

Spent most of the day with my mom. 

How was your week? How do you deal when things get a bit difficult?