100 Days of Happiness: Day 5 through Day 10

Fear not!—my lovely readers. I have not abandoned the happiness challenge. I’ve just been a bit preoccupied trying to edit my first YouTube video (Boy! Editing is no joke!), as well as taking care of loved ones.

Here’s the rundown:  

7/18/14 – Day 5

1.       Picking up Rusty! Driving him for the first time in 3 days—and for the first time in over a year where the transmission wasn’t shifting abruptly on me. Scary. I know. I’d taken him back to AMMCO numerous times over the year to get him properly fixed. Rusty just didn’t respond to their maneuvers—until now!

2.       Going to the doctor and having a successful visit.

3.       Enjoying an Inn-N-Out meal with a milkshake! Mmmmm…milkshake & fries—& fries dunked in milkshake…

7/19/14 – Day 6

1.       Filming my first video and actually being satisfied—satisfied being the key word—with the results.

2.       Ordering my birthday present to myself—this fabulous rug!

3.       Finding this radiant nail polish in the clearance section of Ulta:

 My shopping was supposed to start and end with dry shampoo, but how could I resist the clearance section when it was on my way to the counter. Good product placement, Ulta…

7/20/14 – Day 7

1.       Enjoying breakfast at the Cracked Egg with Ryan—my one and only.

2.       Learning a thing or two about the video editing software I’m using—Vegas Movie Studio.

3.       Starting a “Social Bizz”—soon to be renamed “Bizz Buzz”—board and finding it so easy to fill it in. I’m usually weary of starting new boards as I fear that there may be a bit of overlap between boards. In this case between my Infographics board and the new board but it worked out well!

7/21/13 – Day 8

1.       Successfully passing a smog check!! Woot-woot! Never thought I’d rejoice over a smog check.

2.       Coming home early to my little girl’s kisses!

3.       Visiting my Mommy! It was a short visit, but it at least happened! She and I seem to always miss one another, which is a true shame.

7/22/14 – Day 9

1.       Paying for my vehicle registration!

2.       Enjoying a big breakfast with my Mom. It was soooooooooooo good!! I’ve been out of the house now for a little less than a year and it seems like ages ago since we enjoyed such a feast for breakfast.  

3.       Having a productive day at work! It was a bit long—10.5 hrs—but it seems like 5 hrs in all. Time fly’s when you’re having fun!

7/23/14 – Day 10

1.       Paying for Rusty’s car insurance!

2.       Finding a lovely email from someone I may collaborate with soon! This is the first inquiry I’ve received which makes it quite exciting!!

3.       Realizing that my social media efforts are actually paying off!!

Honestly, I could go on and on but I don’t want to bore you with it all. I understand. We all have many more blogs to read, but life is so precious! I just love learning and collaborating and realizing that I am not alone in my efforts as I read other’s work. Maybe on my next post I’ll include some of my latest reading finds that have really struck a cord with me.

So, how about you?! What’s made you happy lately?