100 Days of Happiness: Day 78 - Day 91

Day 78 - 9/29/14

Started working out!! Yeah!! Went for what seemed like a long-inspired run, but it was probably more like slow and steady, to start.

Day 79 - 9/30/17

Took the day off from running, and worked out to Jackie! She kicks ass like no other…I can’t really keep up. Anyone else find it difficult to finish home workouts?

Day 80 - 10/1/14

IT’S OCTOBER!!!!!!!!!!!! What more could possibly make me excited than the beginning of the holiday season! I really look forward to everything about this time of year all year long. The fourth of July is pretty awesome, but Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are amazing!!

Day 81 – 10/2/14

Picked up our first pumpkin!! Now I need to decorate it.

Day 82 – 10/3/14

Went shopping for some seasonal home décor and candles consisting of a sunflower welcome door item; pumpkin scented and winter green scented candles. I just love decorating for the holidays.

Day 83 – 10/4/14

Went to the Grape and Hops Festival with Ryan and tried sooooooooo many different drinks under the most amazing Las Vegas weather—it wasn’t hot nor cold nor windy!

Day 84 – 10/5/14

Penny’s lovely face appeared on Petit Vour’s Instagram account!!! Oh my goodness, I can’t even tell you how incredibly excited I was to see this picture reposted.

On another note, while I fully anticipated a serious hangover considering that I don’t drink quite as much as I used to, and that the previous night was filled of a lovely assortment of drinks, I handled myself quite well—quite proud of myself.

Day 85 – 10/6/14

My sister started working at Lush!! You know what that means!!—discounts!!

Day 86 – 10/7/14

A while ago I made it a resolution to not pay attention to my statistics on a daily basis—focusing on these kind of details hinder my creativity. That is not to say I would not pay attention to them at all, but not quite as frequently. Today, I did and I was ecstatic to find that I now have 80+ followers on Bloglovin!! That is just amazing. I really love this site as it’s better than having a bunch of pages bookmarked—which I still do for those blogs I love that are not on Bloglovin. I tend to visit my Bloglovin pals so much more often though. It’s just so covenant.

Day 87 – 10/8/14

Posted what is probably the blog post I am most proud of—my post about Penny and adopting senior pets. Please take a peak if you haven’t already. 

Day 88 – 10/9/14

Reached 1,000 followers on Pinterest!! I am sooooooooo excited, thank you!! I honestly wasn’t looking for an update but while pinning I briefly noticed and that was quite a lovely surprise.

Day 89 – 10/10/14

Penny had her teeth cleaned and did well while under anesthesia, so we were informed afterwards. On the downside she was quite sick, upset at me, but all in all at least we got it out of the way.

Day 90 – 10/11/14

Penny actually acknowledge me—she was so upset at me yesterday—and she finally ate a good meal after a 24 hour eating hiatus.

I don’t know about you, but when my mom used to get upset at me as a teenager she used to give me the silent treatment, and avoid me at all costs. I just hated being left in the cold—that is how I felt all of Friday and most of Saturday with Penny. It was horrifying because unlike my mom she couldn’t tell me what was wrong or how I could make it better, but she was showing significant signs towards getting better.

Day 91 – 10/12/14

Spent the morning with my family and made cornbread muffins. They were gluten free and delicious—AND!!!—found out that Penny’s pict had been chosen as the September photo contest by Petit Vour!!!

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