100 Days of Happiness: Day 92 - 100

10/13/14—Day 92

Honestly, this was a really tough day for my little family. Penny was very ill from the pain medicine she’d received while getting her teeth cleaned. She hadn’t eaten all day Friday; she ate some Saturday but didn’t hold anything in; same for Sunday. On this day, she was almost a different puppy. I was so scared. We, Penny and I, hardly slept as we had to get up about every two hours to use the restroom. We called our veterinarian on Saturday and were advised to feed her a simple diet made up of plain white rice and boiled chicken for few days to see if her system would clear up. At first she really liked her new diet but then she slowly started to refuse to eat. I think it had to do with the fact that she associated it with feeling ill as she’d throw up and need to go potty shortly after her meal. On the upside, she did eat, when I fed her bits here and there, but oh man, I was so worried.

10/14/14—Day 93

Penny went to the veterinarian first thing in the morning. She received two shots; one to help her nausea and a second to provide her with some fluids. We were also given some pills to help her tummy settle. These all helped, thankfully, and we were able to sleep soundly for the most part. I still woke up every now and then to check on her, mostly out of habit, and to my surprise she slept soundly all night long. I was so incredibly happy to see actual signs of her getting better.

10/15/14—Day 94

As silly and gross as this may sound—seeing a solid #2 from Penny made me so incredibly happy! I thought about taking a pict and sending it to Ryan but I think that would have been too much for him to handle.

On this evening, we both enjoyed a lovely nights rest—boy did that feel good.

10/16/14—Day 95

Went dress shopping for my wedding!! I am so excited to share with you some of the ones that didn’t quite make the cut soon.

10/17/14—Day 96

My first helping of soupy soup!!

One of the many things I really enjoy about the change in weather is that I can enjoy a good hot soupy soup without sweating like a mad woman. That is exactly what I did on this particular day!

10/18/14—Day 97

Saturdays are usually the busiest for me as I try to truly rest on Sundays, but I just couldn’t run any errands or even clean the house. I was so tired from the worrisome week we’d had, we just took the day off and lounged around the house. We desperately needed it and thoroughly enjoyed it.

10/19/14—Day 98

Purchased Hocus Pocus for the second time (our first purchase seems to have grown legs and found a new home somehow) and watched it various times on the same day! It was Ryan’s first time watching it and to my surprise he actually enjoyed it. He’s not big into those kinds of movies hence my delight.

10/20/14—Day 99

One of my three bosses came back from a trip and the office finally seemed normal again. I really enjoy “normal”. I’m not big on surprise and adventure. It just doesn’t suite me well.

I also went on a longish run—first time in a week and a half or so as I was too preoccupied to exercise last week.

10/21/14—Day 100

Given that it’s the last day of this series, I kind of wish I had a grand spectacular ending to give you, but I don’t. This was a lovely day at work. It was lengthy and productive AND I finally asked Ryan’s little sister if she’d be my bridesmaid. I wish I’d done it in a more creative way that just posing a direct question to her, but at the moment I was out of creative ideas. I will make it up to her and my sis, as she too didn’t get much in return for her acceptance for being my maid of honor.

How was your week!?

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