Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Party Idea

Last weekend my sister and I went to see Mamma Mia—which is amazing! It’s hard not to be inspired while watching it as you come to appreciate the times, the characters, and the humorous romance. In case you’re not aware of the story line, here’s a brief rundown written by garykmcd on

Sophia Sheridan is 20 years old and lives with her mother Donna on an idyllic Greek island. She is about to be married and wishes for only one thing: that her father walk her down the aisle and give her away. The only problem is that she doesn't know who her father is and her mother won't discuss it with her. After she finds her mom's diary from the year she was born, she invites three men who could possibly be that man. Sophie is convinced that she will know her father as soon as she sees him but soon realizes that she hasn't a clue. Mayhem ensues when her mother is displeased and confused that the three are there, the men all think they're the father and her fiancé is getting fed up with the whole mess.

Part of the mayhem is a lovely girl’s night out the day before the weeding—not the best idea considering all the drinks consumed. Here, Sophia’s mom and her two friends Tanya and Rosie sing and dance in sparkly outfits. They are just fab! (Lucky Sophia…)

Picture from Marina's Theater Vault. 

Picture from Marina's Theater Vault. 

Eventually the boys come back from scuba diving and join in and dance with the women. I know it’s just a play, but it played out so nicely I thought—why not! Why not try for something similar where moms, grandmas, sisters, cousins and close girlfriends all take part in a bridal shower, then have the bachelorette party as the after-party—sorry, no boys would be allowed at this soiree. Ideally it would take place the weekend before the wedding, or a week beforehand.  Following this plan would reduce the pressure of hosting 2 festivities on 2 different evenings, and it would look something like this:

Bridal Shower Itinerary

6pm – 7pm: Dinner at Mom’s

·         Champing, lemonade, infused water & regular water

·         Horderves consisting of fruits, cheeses, & veggies

·         Chicken and Beef Shish kabobs

·         Rice, corn and asparagus

7pm – 8pm: Games—& Possibly Presents

·         Games

Bachelorette Party Itinerary

8pm – 9pm: Travel & Refresh

·         Travel to the hotel located at or close to after-party

·          Freshen up/change

9pm – 11pm: Party!

·         Karaoke

·         Drinks

·         Elvis impersonator -- “I’m with him” decoy

11pm may seem a bit too early, but to be honest I can’t tell you when was the last time I was able to stay up past midnight without a nap sometime in the evening; considering the itinerary—there’s just no time for napping

What would be your idea of the perfect bridal shower or bachelorette party?!