Don't read this book: Yard Sale Culture & the Art of Haggling by Mike Vines

I know the title of this post sounds quite negative—if not negative then a bit strange—but I got the idea from a former coworker. She used to head a book club where summaries were provided as a means of saving all attending valuable time. I love the idea—not so much the name of the club. I’ve been wreaking my brain trying to come up with something better but nothing seems good enough to replace the current title. I’d love to hear some of your suggestions! For now DRTB will continue on.

What kind of book is Yard Sale Culture & the Art of Haggling by Mike Vines?

It is a 1300 word essay & as, described in the preface, it “deals humorously with the culture of the early morning chase…& serves as a beginner’s guide on the art of haggling…”

Where did I buy it and for how much?

I bought it for my Kindle and it cost $0.99.

What did I think?

Well, as an essay—there aren't any bullet points or headings, making identifying the authors key points hard to recognize. With that said, it is an enjoyable read, but I personally don’t think it’s worth $0.99. I've purchased a great deal of digital books from Amazon at that price point and they've had so much to offer. In comparison this one falls short. It probably isn't fair to compare it with the others given that the author clearly states that it is an essay. But--enough of being a negative ninny! The author DID provide some useful insight:

1.     CAUTION:

“Huge Yard Sale” usually translates into “Scant Offerings.”

2.      Drive-by window shopping—it’s okay!

Once you've located a seller it’s time for a drive-by-a quick peak at the offerings from the comfort of your car to determine if it’s worth getting out or not.”

3.      Author’s rules in order to assure a successful transaction:

1.       “…MOVE IT OR LOSE IT!...A reference to the relinquish rule…In the game of chess…”

2.       Avoid an auction! Don’t wave that priceless object in the air…

4.      Noteworthy pricing strategy:

The early morning hours of fresh discoveries usually demand the highest prices, while the afternoon sun motivates the seller to consider heavy discounts verses lugging it all back into the garage.

5.         Don’t sell your cr*p:

…neighbors may be…interested in your wares so…be careful not to put yourself into an embarrassing position…”

6.      Value in what may seem invaluable:

“Tupperware and art are always overlooked”

Written any book reviews of your own?! Let me know! I’d love to not read it—or read it if it’s praised enough!