Characteristics of Successful Garage Sales (Part 3 of 3)

1.      Get Social—notify the community!

Our first stop was that of a “Multifamily Garage Sale”—which was quite convenient to me as a buyer and it also made for a more approachable setting for all involved—power in numbers!

2.      Make use of the garage—AND—the yard when displaying items

There was a house that showcased their products almost exclusively inside of their garage as they were selling mostly arts and crafts and wanted to protect their items from the sun. The house was quite empty of buyers. I personally didn’t care for the setup as it made me feel a bit intrusive—never a pleasant feeling, hence we road on by this sale.

A few streets down there were 2 other yard sales, one of which made use of both spaces. The seller was a retired seamstress who was selling her line of showgirl-type dresses. She showcased some of these inside her garage, others in front of her yard—which to me seemed a bit dangerous for the sake of the maintaining the colors on the fabrics but honestly, had she not displayed these in front of her home we wouldn’t have stopped. Her yard was simply too glittery to pass up!

When we approached her home, she greeted us from her lawn chair located inside the garage. As we browsed the area she made note of which dresses had stories behind them as they were all quite extravagant.

This was my favorite shopping stop.

3.      Providing extra perks

One of the sellers was not only liberating her home from clutter but she was also doing it in an enticing way—free shot glasses with every purchase! (Woot-woot!) While I’ve never really been a fan of taking shots of anything really, I did enjoy venturing into her pile of shot glasses. Each had a story behind it & she enthusiastically told them—an additional perk. Her engaging personality definitely drew in a crowd, but getting so chummy with strangers is a bit out of character for some of us…what to do? Well, I think that I would opt for providing complimentary homemade lemonade. It’s a nice thoughtful touch. It makes for a good conversation starter and it encourage those that are a bit fatigued to roam around a bit longer. What would you suggest?