Confession of a bride-to-be…

Most of you may not know this, but I got engages on August 2nd of 2013—approximately 2 years and three months after our first official date. It was wonderful! I may tell the—how did he do it?!—story at a later date. It’s now been almost a year and we have yet to set a date—we are waiting on confirmation from his job-to-be on when he’ll have some vacation time. Until then, I have a lot to think about—ideas to carry out; budgeting to plan, build up to & stick to; dresses to try on; friends and family to invite & mingle with at dinners and numerous parties—all very exciting and memorable traditions I can’t wait to celebrate! I am truly excited about every aspect of my big day and those leading up to my big day—all, except the bachelorette party, a.k.a. the hen party. Yay…I say so with sarcasm as I simply have my reservations.

Ever since I can remember, I've always hoped for the day when my sister and I would be at the stage where we’d share a closer sisterly experience. We are 10 years apart in age and as such I feel like we've always struggled to understand one another. Now that I’m engaged and in my late 20’s, she in her late teens, I’ve asked her to be my maid of honor. When I asked I was only thinking of the day when she’d be right next to me looking stunning as always, holding my bouquet. Of course, I knew she’d be helping me with the planning and the leg work involved in finalizing my ceremony but I didn't realize that the responsibility of organizing my bachelorette party would fall on her, which makes me a bit nervous honestly. I fear she’ll proceed to surprise me with a naughty themed party, as is expected to be thrown in Vegas where wedding vales, straws and entertainment all seem to have a common phallic theme. I've only been to one bachelorette party in my life. It was not at all phallic; it was filled with great food, line dancing and gambling. It was truly a night of firsts for me as I’d never before been to a country club, much less line danced—so much fun!—nor had I ever formerly gambled at a machine. (FYI, the penny slots is where it’s at!) I don’t see anything wrong in throwing a risqué soiree but I just don’t care to look back at my own and cringe as I often do when looking back at various embarrassing points in my life.

And so it is, my next endeavor involves exploring different themes and party ideas of such a symbolic event with the hope that I may “guide” my little sister accordingly. I’ll be of course reporting back on a few books, videos, and pins. I hope you enjoy them!

The following are interesting stories from women whom provided me reassurance that I’m not alone in my reservations

·         “For British Brides-to-Be, Hen Dos (and Don’ts)” by Sara Masiln Nir

·         “Find me a woman who looks forward to a hen party” by Rebecca Clancy

So, please, do tell—have you any reservations of planning your big day? Do you have any ideas of your own to share?!