100 Days of Happiness - Day 1

I’ve decided to take part in the 100 days of happiness challenge, where for 100 days you write about what made you happy for the day. I first learned of such on indiamcleodkay’s blog. I think it an interesting challenge as it’s proven that happiness is a choice, as was reported in the Huffington Post. While I’ve known about this for ages, I’ve resented the idea for I think it quite healthy to be upset at times throughout the day. But, at times negativity can drag on for too long and really take it’s toll on my day so I think taking part in such an exercise could be quite beneficial.

So on day one, here are a few of my happiest experiences:

1.      This morning a pedestrian on a bicycle gave me a thank you wave as I granted him the right of way after two vehicles in front of me cut him off.  He was quite a expressive, it was so lovely.

2.      A brief moment when a total stranger took the time to prop the the door open for me and additionally  waiting for me to make it through as I carried:

a.      One and ½  bags from Target overflowing with candy

b.      My lunch bag which contained a large mason jar full of gazpacho soup, my Frankly Planner, and umbrella

3.      A morning greeting from a coworker I don’t have the pleasure of speaking to very often.

4.      Receiving a surprise visit from a distant acquaintance who spoiled the whole office with a giant box of cookies from Bouchon Bakery. 

5.      My new polka dot rain coat—it may be XL but it will work great during the fall when layers become an everyday occurrence.

6.      Having lunch with a god friend at Dal Toro at the Palazzo. It was wonderful.

7.      Quote of the day from Helen Rowland: “Home” is any four walls that enclose the right person. [So lovely…]

8.      Getting things done at work! It just feels good to mark things off a to-do list.

9.      Kisses from Penny.

10.  Watching Love Actually for the 100th time. 

So, what was your day like today? What made you happy?