100 Days of Happiness: Day 2

Today, wasn’t quite as productive as yesterday, but it was still a lovely day.


1.      I woke up to a cupboard filled of clean dishes which were all previously in the dish washer.

2.      Penny took me on 2 long walks around our area. These usually start off with a big jolt of energy on her end and slowly die down to a crawling walk which allows me to really soak in and enjoy my surroundings.

3.      I had the pleasure of congratulating a fellow—hard-working, well-deserving, and humble—coworker on a BIG promotion!

4.      I was notified by Bloglovin’ of the addition of 2 more lovely followers.

5.      I came home to the most amazing man in the world who greeted me with sweet enthusiasm.

6.      I was able to resolve a semi significant issue with the help of the best boss in town.

7.      I cried and laughed at Under the Tuscan Sun for the second time this week. Once I find a good touching movie, I just can’t get enough. My favorite quote, “You have beautiful eyes, I wish I could I could swim in them. “

How was your day?