100 Days of Happiness: Day 3 & 4

As you can probably tell, the little things in life make me quite happy. Truthfully, Ryan and Penny’s kisses are a constant—they always give me great joy.

Day 3:

1.      Ryan drove me to and from work, providing us with an extra hr worth of quality time together.

2.      Enjoyed an impromptu date night where dinner, a movie and a full nights rest were enjoyed.

3.      A coworker surprised me with 2 dark chocolate  Dove squares

4.      Hopefully reading this post by Megan on the Fresh Exchange. Ryan and I are going on our 4th anniversary as boyfriend girlfriend and it just made me reflect on all the great and challenging moments we’ve experienced together, and hopeful of those yet to come.

5.      Penny liking my feet dry after I got out of the shower. She’s generally downstairs, sitting on top of our couch, after I get out of the shower—cheating me out of quality time with her.

Day 4:

1.      Enjoying dinner with my baby sister at a new Italian restaurant.

2.      Finishing 2 of the 5 books relating to organizing an eventful & classy bachelorette party.

3.      Cuddling with Penny while reading the first book. She’s not much for long cuddle sessions, which makes the few times she’s up for it all the more exciting.

4.      Driving into work with Ryan once again. I just love any opportunity to enjoy quality time with this man.

5.      Wearing a red lip and scarcely having to touch it up. I love a good red lip, but I find that not many lip products make me happy as they end up smudged up all over my face—even after using lip liner, so I consider today’s  proceeding quite a feat.

How was your day?