Dear Mr. Williams...

Dear Mr. Williams,

Thank you for inspiring me and for sharing your special talent with the world. To be honest, I never really knew how much you meant to me until recently. I will not pretend to understand your struggles or make sense of what’s happened. I just hope, with all my heart that you are now abundantly happy, as you deserve to be, and I also wish the best for your family.

Mrs. Doubtfire is by far the movie I’ve seen most frequently. The story of a loving devoted father truly struck a chord with me. You see, the role of an absentee father plays like a broken record within our family, and while you were just adding one more piece of work to your resume, you made a difference for me as a little girl. You helped me understand that dreaming of a life where a father sees the importance of being present as much as a mother wasn’t a total illusion—especially given that you played that same role in real life.

Again, thank you & God bless you.