My Painful #Subscription Edit...

So as painful as it was, I did cancel various subscription boxes. The reason behind my decision for each pretty much boils down to, they were wants not needs—they really aren’t even close to becoming or fulfilling a need; and while I did canceled these it does not by any means mean that they are inferior to the subscription boxes that I’ve decided to keep, they just didn’t work for me.

So to begin:

#1 - Olive Box

Canceling this one was the toughest decision for me as I really do love and get quite giddy every time I buy new stationary. Somehow, I think that my new pen/planner/binder will maybe help me get my act together, become more organized, etc. What it came down to, when canceling, was the fact that I don’t purchase $32.95 worth of stationary on a monthly basis as it is not needed. So, there…I didn’t need it.

#2 – Nailette

Nailette is an affordable subscription where for only $9.99 per month you receive 3 mini nail polishes from some of your favorite brands, i.e. OPI, Orly & Essie. You don’t get to choose the polishes, but they are handpicked for you according to the survey you take upon subscribing. At $9.99, how could I pass it up, but truly I’m not that big on nail polish hence I canceled it but it could be for you!

#3 – StudioWedBox

This subscription is best suited for the bride who doesn’t know where to start planning, in my opinion. I thought it would be interesting to run with it for about three months but after receiving the first box, the selection made me realize I didn’t need it nor do I want it. We are going to have a small family gathering where such detailed boxes won’t really be necessary.

#4 – Julep Maven

I love Julep Maven, but I don’t want to have two beauty subscriptions at once. My plan is to go back to this subscription in January. 

Are there any subscriptions you too have unsubscribed to?