Unboxing & #Review of My #Fabletics Subscription!


I love all things Kate Hudson! I love her cool California girl vibe. I love that she is such a well put together mom, entrepreneur and, of course, that she is such an aspirational actress—at least that is my opinion of her. Having said that, my interest was immediately sparked when I learned that she had cofounded Fabletics—a line of quality active wear for women that is affordable & fashionable. I have to say right off the bat—they’ve nailed it!  

Subscription Details

When you first sign up, you get $25 off your first outfit & free shipping. Normally, they charge $49.95 per month on average. It just depends on the outfit that you select; for example a three piece outfit may cost a slightly more than $49.95.

How the service works:

1.      Create your lifestyle profile—a.k.a. you take a survey where you describe what activities you take part in most frequently.

2.      Receive Personalized Outfits—these are hand selected based on your lifestyle profile.

3.      Shop—you pick the outfits you want—instead of being surprised—or you can skip a month if that is your decision.

My Lifestyle Profile

I work out about 2 times a week, currently. I am working on getting this number up to 3 or 4 but it’s a bit of a challenge when you love to sleep in as well as spend time with loved ones more than getting you a$$ in shape as I do.  When I do work out I use workout videos—I’m a big fan of Jackie, Jillian, and Mr. Yee—or I go out jogging with Penny. I call these “sniffers”. We seem to stop quite abruptly to sniff at times.

My August Pick & Unboxing

No, it doesn’t come in a box, but rather a package—and that works great as it’s fabric. All together the items I received amounted to $69.90, so in essence I received a top for free!


The description provided on the tag are true to their feel. In case you can’t read the tag it notes that that their features include: 1) a smooth, chafe resistant design, 2) maximum support, 3) convenient hidden pocket, 4) moisture release for dryness, 5) four-way stretch for comfort and movement. I just love them. They are the thickest pair of leggings I own and the most comfortable to wear for my sessions with Mr. Yee.


I love their description of the top. Its features read: 1) soft pima cotton fabric, 2) dropped armhole makes the perfect muscle tee, 3) longer length provides plenty of courage.


I love my ensemble! The top provides all the courage I need to strike any yoga pose as I am not one to bear it all and the leggings are so incredibly comfortable. I’ve worked out in these items and washed them and they’ve held up quite well! Given its hefty monthly price, I’m not sure how long I’ll keep it going but while I do you can be sure to that I’ll be shearing my thoughts with you.

Is it just me or are monthly subscription boxes just so much fun?! I always feel quite giddy when I pick up my mail and find one of these lovely boxes waiting for me. Have you received any such boxes?