Book Review: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

Oh my goodness! I can’t believe that I’ve actually posted my first YouTube video. The last time I ever edited a video was our 2013 Family Christmas footage and let me tell you, editing is nothing like writing a bike—at least not for me. (My apologies for my foul editing skills in advance/after the fact.)

After watching the end result, I realized a few things: 1) it’s lengthier than I was hoping it’d be; 2) that I missed a few details I really wanted to emphasize, or maybe I just didn’t do a good job at delivering and 3) that I’m a bit more dramatic/emotional than I expected and that that may be the reason for my missing a few points.

Hopefully this outline helps you understand what was going through my head:

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars!! I’ve listened to this book about 5 times now; each time I hope it’ll be less emotional than the last, but it isn’t. I just fall deeper and deeper in love with each character. If you find it difficult to read emotional books, I highly recommend picking up the audio version as it will allow you to enjoy the book with a bit of added assistance.
  • This audiobook is like no other that I’ve listened to and it’s all because of Kate Rudd’s performance. She is a great storyteller and I found myself falling in love with her as much as I did with the book. Her voice is soothing and she differentiates each characters voice and personality brilliantly. In an interview with AuidoFile she says that she cried a few times while narrating. These were left in as they added to the scene. I think that’s really great; it sort of explains the passion with which she delivered such a great performance.
  • Reading fiction is important. This article by Neil Gaiman in The Guardian describes a few points that I thought were essential, and enlighten me to a few others:
  1. Fiction builds empathy & creativity
  2. It can show you a different world.
  • Things I couldn’t stop thinking about while listening:
  1. Allowing yourself to feel emotions—especially what are considered negative emotions—is healthy. I get so annoyed when I’m having a bad day; someone takes note and dismissively says, “It’s okay Jess, cheer up.” To this I always want to lash out and say—“No it’s not okay and mind your own business! Let me deal as I wish, which is usually by being quiet and grumpy by myself. As long as I am not interfering with your life—LEAVE ME BE!” I could never get these words out in real life. They are too harsh; I usually just nod and say, “Right..” and move on.
  2. How lucky I am to be in good health; to be able to breath without pain; to be able to plan for my future without nurturing a resounding feeling that I may never be able to actually work towards my dreams.
  •  After watching the movie I couldn’t help but feel a bit at a loss because details were left out—as is to be expected because it’s a movie—and characters weren’t developed as well—again because it’s a film—and it just reiterated how much I loved the book. Characters I found a bit different in the movie that I wish wouldn’t have been:

Hazel Grace

  • Movie version, to me, seemed like a stronger, more self assured person than the book version. In the book, she seemed more selfless. Most of her actions were for the sake of making others feel better—especially her parents. She also had wittier lines in the book—again I understand that these details couldn’t quite make it to the film as it’s a different ball game, but I wish she had delivered more such lines.

Hazel’s parents

  • In the book her dad was quite an emotional man and her mom was incredibly supportive and corky—which the movie version of her mom actually does a good job at but she seemed different to me. Time may have been the reason behind it again.

If you’ve read the book, let me know your thoughts! If I’ve missed something, then I’d love to look at it a different way. 

If you're interested in getting a copy for yourself, I found it for an affordable price on Amazon. 

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